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Preventing corona, Huawei introduces the solution to control elevators without pressing buttons

Prevention of infection with corona virus is becoming an integral part of many people’s daily habits. In particular, in the epidemic zone in China, some ways to protect yourself, such as wearing masks and protective clothing, are still not enough.

For people who live or work in buildings and apartment buildings, traveling in elevators is also a major hazard, potentially very high risk of infection. In response to this concern, Huawei Cloud IoT has collaborated with Wanglong Intelligence to design a solution that uses contactless elevators, which helps limit contact between people and the buttons of elevators.

Huawei’s contactless smart elevator solution is used to ensure consistency in access control management. In addition, it also offers users a range of other benefits such as the ability to call a lift remotely using apps installed on smartphones, bluetooth connectivity and the WeChat app.

Specifically, users will just need to pull out the phone, select the floor number without having to touch any buttons when in need of moving in the elevator. Of course, even when the coronary pneumonia epidemic ends, this is an effective solution to provide users with a more intelligent, modern and convenient way to use elevators.

Preventing corona Huawei introduces the solution to control elevators without pressing buttons | ICT News

Starting now, government agencies, businesses, schools and public buildings in China will be able to take full advantage of Huawei’s software services, including solutions that use ladders. Contactless intelligent machine. This will help reduce the risk of coronavirus infection, especially when the disease situation is increasingly unpredictable.

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