Prediction about Phase 4: Avengers 5 will be Marvel change like?

Marvel hasn’t officially confirmed at what timeframe Avengers 5 will be implemented, but Phase 4 of the MCU is already set. While Spider-Man: Far From Home is technically the end point for both Phase 3 and Infinity Saga, it’s Avengers: Endgame is truly the product that many people will remember most in the first decade of its life. Marvel Cinematic Universe.

After bringing the Avengers together in 2012 in what would later become an unprecedented superhero series both in size and influences from events such as the death of Iron Man and Black Widow in Endgame, along with Captain America’s decision to stay in the past with Peggy Carter. The Avengers have changed and cannot be reverted.

However, it is certain that The Avengers 5 will be implemented at some point in the future and a group of new Avengers superheroes will be released and gathered together. There’s still no word on Avengers 5 in Phase 4 of the MCU, but Marvel’s movies and TV shows are in the works. This seems to be done to give at least a glimpse into the future of the Avengers franchise, including the different characters and plot points that could be included in The Avengers.

Love & Thunder could bring Thor’s return in The Avengers 5

While Iron Man is dead and Cap chooses to stay in the past, Thor still has further adventures, be it with Guardians of the Galaxy, possibly back to New Asgard, or anywhere else in The universe.

Meanwhile, part of that story will be told in Thor: Love & Thunder, which won’t be the last part of this character’s journey as MCU has confirmed Chris Hemsworth will return after the movie. this. Thor has been in the MCU since 2011 and will become the first character to have four solo movies.

Thor 4 will likely set the character’s return in The Avengers. This superhero is still on a journey of self-discovery, including learning from past mistakes. Thor’s enlightenment made him feel that he needed teamwork and responsibility for those around him. Since Iron Man and Captain America both led the Avengers in the past, it is very likely that during Phase 4 of the MUC, Thor will return to The Avengers as a leader and “mentor” of the Avengers in the next generation. .

These characters will likely replace the original Avengers

Prediction about Phase 4 Avengers 5 will be Marvel change like | Live

While Thor remains with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Phase 4, there may still be other characters that will replace this character’s old role in The Avengers.

Thor 4 will introduce Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor (played by Natalie Portman), which means she’ll be a superhero holding a Mjolnir hammer in that movie. There are also rumors that the MCU will bring Beta Ray Bill, another character with the power of Thor and take Stormbreaker if needed. And most likely these will be the characters that replace Thor’s old position in The Avengers 5.

Aside from Thor, there are plenty of other alternatives to the original Avengers. Yelena Belova is likely to be a new character to take on the role of Black Widow in the future. Falcon and Winter Soldier seem to be the perfect replacement for Steve Rogers too, but maybe Sam Wilson will become the new Captain America in The Avengers 5. Disney +: She-Hulk TV show will also lead to a Another possibility is that Jennifer Walters will replace Bruce Banner’s role in the MCU, while the new Hawkeye could be Kate Bishop.

Phase 4 will introduce new characters to the Avengers

Prediction about Phase 4 Avengers 5 will be Marvel change like | Live

As well as direct replacements for the original Avengers in Marvel’s Phase 4, there are several new characters that could become part of the team in the future. Many of these will be featured in the Eternals, new superheroes such as Black Knight, Sersi and Gilgamesh have all been part of the Avengers team at various points in Marvel Comics. In particular, Kit Harington will become Dane Whitman – Marvel’s Black Knight in Eternals. So it’s no surprise to see the Black Knight in The Avengers 5.

Among the other new heroes in Phase 4 of the MCU, there are a number of other characters that are also speculated to be potential Avengers like Shang-Chi and Moon Knight.

New threat

Prediction about Phase 4 Avengers 5 will be Marvel change like | Live

Thanos is the biggest threat the Avengers face, and it’s also the villain of the Infinity Saga. The end of the character’s role left a void, and it’s obvious Marvel will need another villain to fill that void in The Avengers 5.

Finding a worthy enemy to replace Thanos and ensure the Avengers work together is no easy task. But this is not too difficult because in the original comic book there are several attractive options for Marvel. At the same time, the completion of the Disney-Fox deal also means that new characters will be included and that either Doctor Doom or Galactus could be attractive options for The Avengers 5.

Phase 4 could set up one of two things: upcoming movies and shows will likely build the event and connect with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, or in some way Doctor Doom will. appeared in Doctor Strange 2. In addition, Captain Marvel 2 could also set up the villain of Avengers 5 by the appearance of the Heralds of Galactus before this villain officially appeared.

However, according to many speculations, the villain of The Avengers 5 is likely to be Kang the Conqueror because Jonathan Majors is said to have been cast as this villain in Ant-Man 3. The evil of the traveling superhero. Our timeline will probably be the perfect choice after the events of Endgame and with the multiverse in Phase 4 of the MCU.

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