Predicting One Piece chapter 996: Otama teamed up with Usopp, Marco stopped Big Mom?

It is no coincidence that Oda Eichiiro let Tama appear in Usopp’s place. With his great marksman and Tama’s “purebred cake”, their combination will quickly create purebred cakes stuffed into Gifter’s mouths, making them fall in favor of Tama.

Otama reappeared after many absent chapters

In retrospect, Usopp used a lie when he went to Wano, saying: “I have 8,000 followers”. This statement was made right after Otama’s ability was revealed by Oda. And the hypothesis is that Usopp will have at least 8000 or more of 8,000 subordinates and that is related to the little girl O-Tama. Usopp is a character who can be said to have an understanding of plants, toxins as well as its functions most beneficial in the series. One Piece. Usopp has applied his knowledge to ammunition and is indeed very effective in both attack and defense. Therefore, it will not be too surprising that Usopp using O-Tama’s Kibi dango and turning them into a bullet is possible.

Predicting One Piece chapter 996 Otama teamed up with Usopp Marco stopped Big Mom | Manga/Film

And with his natural talent, the power of the Kibi dango ammo will have a large-scale effect, making many of Kaido’s subordinates become obedient to Usopp and from there the turning point in numbers will come to the alliance. by Luffy’s. If this hypothesis is implemented by Oda, it is also a way to show the progress and worthiness of a super gunner in the crew of the future Pirate King. Oda has brought Otama to our god Usopp, maybe in One Piece chapter 996 both will have a classic combination that gives Usopp 8,000 real troops. It was the Gifter of the Beast Pirates who got purebred cake.

Another problem that may appear in One Piece 996 chapter is Big Mom. After leaving, Marco would pass by Nami and Usopp and heal them. As for “Ice Demon”, it is very likely that Marco’s flame phoenix will solve it. A tube of medicine that Apoo is holding seems to be quite small so there is a high possibility that Marco is the factor in solving this epidemic.

Predicting One Piece chapter 996 Otama teamed up with Usopp Marco stopped Big Mom | Manga/Film

To pay back tons of old feuds, Big Mom will appear in Luffy’s way. Sanji and Jinbe will work together to pave the way for Luffy to go up to the attic. In this new chapter, Marco may continue to chase and prevent Big Mom from getting involved in the story between Kaido and Luffy. On the side of the Nine Hong Bao, sooner or later they will fall at the hands of Kaido, but the world’s most powerful creature will inevitably suffer certain consequences. Before that happens, the samurai will do whatever they can to get the Yonko critically hit and weaken, giving Luffy a bigger chance of winning. One Piece chapter 996 is expected to release on November 20. Spoiler information will be updated as soon as possible.

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