Predicting My Hero Academia chap 288: Uraraka confronts Toga, Shigaraki is rescued by Gigantomachia

Repeat My Hero Academia Chapter 287, Nana Shimura appears protecting Deku. Shortly thereafter, we see All For One appear. He grabbed Shigaraki’s hair and said, “Look, Tomura, is that a dead man, isn’t it wonderful? Your strong, mean grandmother, Shimura Nana!” Tomura also showed dislike for his grandmother. All For One tries to attack Deku in order to regain the old power when Nana is stopped. Shigaraki began to regain consciousness. He prevented All For One from controlling him.

The war between heroes and villains is still going fierce

Nana still keeps a very calm face. From behind her, the first One For All appeared. Seeing his little brother, All For One shouted, “Giving strength to a useless brat like it’s a mistake, is a waste!”. All For One’s brother replied, “No. This kid does everything he can for the sake of others. We are his strength, and we’ll just follow. Deku“Following that, I see Deku, who shouldn’t be able to move freely, rushing towards Shigaraki! Returning to reality, Shigaraki’s body gradually heals, minus the crack in his face. Deku also has a period of time.” Difficult time as his body is full of fatal injuries Deku’s One For All ability has yet to be stolen Deku prayed that Shigaraki wouldn’t move again.

Predicting My Hero Academia chap 288 Uraraka confronts Toga Shigaraki is rescued by Gigantomachia | Manga/Film

Shigaraki will die against Deku

Elsewhere, Mr.Compress asked if Toga dared to step over the line as she seemed to like the UA students. With a face filled with anger, Toga replies: “If a hero has to save humans, why won’t Jin? Will they kill me? I really want to ask Izuku (Deku) and Ochako about what. Depending on how they answer, I will have the answer for me. ” The Uraraka group is on the move to support the heroes in the frontlines. Sooner or later they would clash with the Crime League. Uraraka and Toga will have time to talk.

In My Hero Academia chapter 288, Shigaraki seems to have collapsed. Taking this opportunity, Deku might join forces with his comrades and prepare for his escort. However, Gigantomachia was approaching and he would definitely want to save Shigaraki.

Predicting My Hero Academia chap 288 Uraraka confronts Toga Shigaraki is rescued by Gigantomachia | Manga/Film

Will this character appear?

Manpower on the hero side is seriously lacking due to the continuous battles. The prevention of Gigantomachia was now only the UA students. Maybe Uraraka with his powers will try to lift the giant into the air in order to minimize his destructive power and prevent this villain’s rescue behavior. And the war between Gigantomachia and the heroes will continue to take place.

Above is our prediction about My Hero Academia Chapter 288. This new chapter is expected to be released on October 16. Latest information will be updated in the near future.

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