Possessing intelligence at the level of ‘genius of genius’, but this man was imprisoned, died alone.

Albert Einstein’s IQ is about 160, Issac Newton’s 190 and Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg also reaches 152. They are all geniuses of the world. However, there are also people with an IQ of between 250 and 300, as noted in the psychology book “Psychology for the Millions” (1946).

William James Sidis (middle) has the highest IQ ever recorded. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The owner of this genius intelligence is William James Sidis, a brilliant mathematician. He is also fluent in many languages ​​and has a gifted writing talent. However, most people have not heard of William or even mention him with regret.

“Super Intelligence” spoke 8 languages ​​when he was 8 years old, when he was 11 years old, he entered Harvard

William was born in 1898 in New York City. His father, Boris, was an eminent psychologist with four prestigious degrees from Harvard. His mother is a general practitioner. Inheriting the wisdom of his parents, from a young age, William has been a child prodigy, completely different from everyone.

Just 18 months old, William was able to read the New York Times newspaper. At the age of 8, the boy taught himself Latin, Greek, French, Russian, German, Hebrew, Turkish and Armenian. Besides, William also created his own language called “Vendergood”.

His family was very proud of William and tried to send him to Harvard University, but the school turned it down because he was only 9 years old. Two years later (1909), Harvard made the historic decision to accept William as the youngest student ever.

Possessing intelligence at the level of genius of genius but this man was imprisoned died alone | Explore

William when he first entered Harvard. Photo: Harvard

In 1910, William’s mathematical abilities surprised his professors. At the age of 16, he completed a bachelor of arts degree. However, popularity is an extremely tiring pressure, especially when the person carrying it is just a teenager.

Many times William told reporters that he wanted to live a “perfect” life, which he thought was a secluded lifestyle. In addition, William does not want to get married because he is no longer interested in love.

Besides the nuisance of his excessive popularity, William was also the victim of the harsh educational program for the American prodigy at that time. The boy’s father constantly forces him to learn about deep psychological knowledge – the field he studies.

Although William loves his childhood education, he feels more and more tired in adulthood and blames his father for putting pressure on him. Even when his father died in 1923, William did not go home to see him off.

Life in seclusion and dying in poverty

Possessing extraordinary talent, but William chose to work as a cleric to earn each meal. Even so, people still stare at the genius praised by the press, making William even more want to avoid the crowd and keep jumping.

In 1924, reporters discovered Harvard prodigy running errands with a salary of 23 USD / week. This news appeared in all the newspapers, with many comments that the genius every day lost his glory and talent. This is not true, because William has written many valuable titles under different pseudonyms.

Possessing intelligence at the level of genius of genius but this man was imprisoned died alone | Explore

Possessing intelligence at the level of genius of genius but this man was imprisoned died alone | Explore

William thinks that Boris (left) is too ruthless to force himself to bury his head incessantly. Photo: Harvard,

Later, William was a social activist and spoke out against World War I. In 1919, he was imprisoned during a violent protest in Boston and sentenced to 18 months in prison. William’s parents arranged to take their son out of prison but kept him in a nursing home for 2 years.

After that, the life of a genius is a series of days of complete loneliness. Estranged from his family, he worked as a mechanic to earn every meal. In 1944, with an inherent intelligence that could change world history, William passed away quietly from a brain hemorrhage at the age of 46.

Later, many educators viewed William’s life as “a forced experiment”, constantly undergoing harsh demands just to measure human’s intellectual abilities. Perhaps if not “pressed”, William would have contributed more and also gave himself a peaceful and happy life.

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