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Possessing a H-cup, the beautiful female YouTuber suddenly declared depression, admitted being harassed

The main character in the story here is Xiangling, a Youtuber female who impresses viewers thanks to her beautiful appearance, and especially the super huge breasts, which as she admits, up to size 36H mine. With frequent, bold and frank sharing on sensitive issues, Xiangling won a lot of love from the fans. And the idea that she will always be happy and happy with her current job, but, according to the latest video she posted, the female Youtuber tells about her experience of depression, to the point of seeing a doctor Psychological to treat.

Xiangling is famous as a beautiful and sexy Youtuber

Specifically, in the video, she mentioned the dark side, the inadequacies of the famous Youtuber. Accordingly, the first problem that she admits is that to be a Youtuber, you must be famous and that leads to countless consequences, especially when identity and personal contact methods. fall into the hands of negative elements online. She personally, taking her own example, believes that the more people are known, the more likely it is to lead to false comments, unfounded rumors, even insults and negative effects. extreme to the psychology of all.

Possessing a H cup the beautiful female YouTuber suddenly declared depression admitted being harassed | Game Online

She shared the downside of the streamer / Youtuber industry

“Many people have been depressed. Me too. I had to take medicine and see a psychiatrist for treatment for a long time because of the pressures.c “- Xiangling shared. Besides, she also urged viewers, fans to be more tolerant of her idol, and especially, to those who are watching her, please don’t using offensive words and comments, sexual harassment, easily damaging to the health and spirit of the streamers and Youtubers.

Possessing a H cup the beautiful female YouTuber suddenly declared depression admitted being harassed | Game Online

Xiangling revealed that sexy cosplay also caused her to encounter quite a lot of harassing messages

Naturally, her share Youtuber has caused a stir online community and her channel viewers. Most of them seem to agree with her opinion, but there are also some who think that it is a trade-off for success, income and a situation that any job must go through. . Having accepted as a celebrity, have a high income, you must also be prepared to face the same problems.

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