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Portable portable fan Mijia DC launches: Cooling range up to 10 meters, priced at 977 thousand VND

On June 12, Mijia officially introduced its new line of mobile fans. The impressive point of this fan lies in its strength.

Mijia claims that the new Mijia DC mobile fan is capable of direct airflow moving with a cooling range of up to 10 meters. In other words, Mijia DC can cool a small room thanks to its strong wind.

In addition, fans can also blow in many directions with the ability to rotate left, right up to 120 degrees and up and down 90 degrees. Thus the fan can be rotated and cooled at all different angles.

Mijia DC uses the principle of dual circulation, simulating natural wind, and integrates energy-saving technology when consuming less than 1kWh within 40 hours of continuous use.

Portable portable fan Mijia DC launches Cooling range up to 10 meters priced at 977 thousand VND | Digital toys

The airflow can blow about 18m / min and the dual fan system helps the air circulate in the room faster. Users can combine fans with open windows to improve indoor ventilation.

The Mijia DC handheld fan uses a brushless motor and provides up to 5 different wind speed adjustment levels.

Unsurprisingly, the Mijia DC mobile fan also supports connection to other smart devices in the home through the Mijia app. Users can use XiaoAI virtual assistant to control the fan remotely.

This mobile fan model will be sold in China market from June 16 to around 42 USD (about 977 thousand VND).

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