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Popular titles are banned in many countries for difficult reasons

Video games often contain more or less violence. Besides, the popularity and increasing influence of the games also caused a lot of controversy. Although the objections can be resolved simply by warnings. However, some countries have opted for a tougher approach: anything that is controversial prohibits trouble.


Bully (also known as Canis Canem Edit, or Dog Eat Dog, in the European market) is the Rockstar Games game of the school setting. The player controls Jimmy, a 15-year-old student – a true bully and your achievement will improve every time you torture a nerd friend in the same class. Despite being condemned by the notorious game critic Jack Thompson, there are still quite a few strong supporters of the game, including Bullies2Buddies, an organization that teaches children how to deal with captors. bullying using the Golden Rule.

Without guns or bloodshed, violence is only shown through fights, but that is not enough to keep Bully out of the ban completely in Brazil. Large-scale retail stores in the UK have also pulled it off the shelves, even if they made a statement that they would continue to host other Rockstar titles … including Grand Theft Auto, “the hero. “among the bullies that Jimmy hoped he would become as majestic as well.

Fallout 3

Popular titles are banned in many countries for difficult reasons | Game Online

Idea for a world without Fallout? Perhaps not many people like it, but that’s exactly what Australian gamers face when Bethesda’s Fallout 3 is completely banned in this country.

It’s surprising for a country known for wildlife, but Australia has some strict rules about violent video games. For a long time, the most demanding game a game could offer was MA15 +, meaning it will only be available to gamers aged 15 and older. Anything that doesn’t meet the criteria will not be ranked and that means it will face a gloomy future. Fallout 3 was not appreciated, because its chems are considered references to drug use.

Mass Effect

Popular titles are banned in many countries for difficult reasons | Game Online

BioWare’s Mass Effect could not be released in Singapore after the game had a love scene between a woman – if the player chose to play a female commander Shepard – and an alien that looked like a female. Officially, the Film Censorship Council issued a statement stating that “the game is not allowed to circulate because there is a scene similar to lesbian relations in the game”.

But is it really a sight of lesbian intimacy? The problem is, the female-like alien in this game is an Asari, technically an alien race with only one gender. It is difficult to define clearly this meeting. Gamers in Singapore are clearly unhappy if I’m the only one in the world who can’t play this highly anticipated role-playing game. The board eventually reversed its decision and did not interfere with the game control, but issued an M-18 rating and announced plans to create a rating system for video games. .

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