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‘Pocket’ way to test old MacBook Air simply in 5 minutes!

The type of old MacBook Air today

Currently on the market there are 3 types, equivalent to 3 forms of buying an old MacBook Air:

Refurbished old MacBook Air (Refurbished goods)

This is a customer refunded due to an error from the manufacturer and refurbished by genuine. Usually the device is on sale for a later price of about 20% lower than the original price. They should work just as well and have the same warranty as new machines.

Refurbished – a line of faulty machines that are refurbished by Apple and sold at a lower price

Used MacBook Air in stores

The machine is acquired by the stores from previous users. These MacBooks are carefully engineered and sold to customers in need. The prices of these old MacBook Airs are lower than the Refurbished ones. This is the most common way to buy an old MacBook Air these days.

Used MacBook Air directly from the user

This method has quite a high risk of the quality and appearance of the machine. Warranty will also be difficult to guarantee.

And no matter how you buy the machine, you should also “equip” yourself with certain knowledge about how to check, choose old machines, below will be advice from Oneway for you:

How to test an old MacBook Air before buying

How to check the look of an old MacBook Air

Check the case

Due to being designed with monolithic aluminum, the rate of dipping as well as scratching of the machine is very high. Check the case carefully, especially the 4 corners. Be careful to check all the screws.

 Pocket way to test old MacBook Air simply in 5 minutes | Tech ice tea

Choose the MacBook Air that is less scratchy or doesn’t scratch

Check the screen

With the screen, the most important is visibility, so do not be subjective but carefully check for phenomena like stripes or dead spots on the screen.

Test the keyboard

The keyboard is also one of the core parts of the MacBook Air, so MacOS has built-in tools to check the keyboard: “System Preferences -> Keyboard -> tick Show Keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar”.

This will help you see which keys are stuck or frozen.

Check the connection ports

Check the connection and operation status of Thunderbolt, headphone or HDMI ports one by one and make sure they are working properly.

 Pocket way to test old MacBook Air simply in 5 minutes | Tech ice tea

Make sure the Thunderbolt, headphone jack, and HDMI ports are working properly

Check the functions on the machine

Test the speaker and mic

Speaker and Mic are indispensable parts that add to the product experience for you. Test the speaker with any song or video.

As for the mic, go to “Sound” and click “Input” and try snapping or talking to check the sensitivity and sound output.

 Pocket way to test old MacBook Air simply in 5 minutes | Tech ice tea

If the speaker and mic are not muffled or muffled then the sound of the MacBook Air is still working properly

Check Bluetooth and Wifi

You can test wifi by connecting normally, and for bluetooth you can try by connecting to mouse or speaker, etc .. etc.

Check out the Main set

Main will directly affect the operation of the machine, please ask the help of the technical department to check the best. Check if the battery is swollen, the motherboards and chips are not faulty.

Check out iCloud

Go to System Preferences -> iCloud: check if the place of sale is signed in iCloud, if you have entered it, ask to exit that iCloud.

Oneway – Address selling genuine old MacBook Air PRESTIGIOUS, CHEAPEST PRICE on the market

If the information above still does not help you confidently choose an old MacBook Air, give it to us – Oneway

With the working motto “Prestige first after as one”, Oneway commits to bringing customers the highest quality old MacBooks, with absolute guarantee of appearance and functionality with 100% products. Strict “censorship” input. From there, giving customers the best experience.

Oneway default sales policy:

● 7-day FREE trial, no money 100% REFUND

● 30 days 1 CHANGE 1 likes to change WITHOUT REASONS.

● 12 months hardware warranty as NEW.

● Free genuine zin charger, cleaning kit and shockproof bag.

● Voucher with 20% off accessories.

 Pocket way to test old MacBook Air simply in 5 minutes | Tech ice tea

Oneway – the address to sell reputable old MacBooks with the lowest prices on the market

To learn more about buying an old MacBook Air or advice on a suitable MacBook Air, contact Oneway at:

● Hotline: 0246 681 9779 – 085 520 3333

● Facebook:

● Website:

● Showroom:

○ Facility 1: 416 Cau Giay – Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

○ Facility 2: 66 Thai Ha, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

○ Facility 3: 313, Street 3/2, District 10, HCMC.

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