Please play the very interesting “escape the closet” puzzle game right on Google Docs, but be careful that it easily hangs the browser

Google Docs has long been an effective online learning, working and document exchange tool, with powerful syncing capabilities that can be used anytime and anywhere. . With the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic in the past 2020, this tool becomes even more effective as the trend of working from home is developing.

However, Google Docs is not just a boring platform with the sole purpose of editing and sharing documents. If you know how to use your own creativity, this tool can completely turn into a form of entertainment, extremely interesting relaxation. For example, the guy Anthony Smith below has created an attractive Escape Room-style game completely using Docs, no need for any programming or design knowledge at all. This game is called “Escape: A Game”.

The escape room game genre is on … Google Docs

Escape Room is a form of intellectual game, puzzle is quite popular over the years. For this genre, players will be confined in an enclosed space and have to search for clues around to escape. Today, Escape Room has evolved with many different forms of play, from video games, board games, to physical activity games – where players are locked in a truly enclosed room.

The game that Smith created with Docs is a bit different and somewhat similar to the classic Dungeons and Dragons series. Accordingly, for each Docs page, players will be provided with a story, a specific context (both a closed space), with many different options. Each of these options is linked to another page of Docs, and the final outcome of the game is entirely decision-based during gameplay. Because of certain limitations in the interface and functionality of Google Docs, this game is presented quite simply, easy to play, easy to understand, but also very appealing and stimulating players to make the right choice to escape. go out.

Please play the very interesting escape the closet puzzle game right on Google Docs but be careful that it easily hangs the browser | Living

“Escape: A Game” offers lots of options like this one, each leading to 1

On the other hand, with such a multi-choice gameplay, this game is also worth playing again and again, especially for those who want to dig deep into every possible scenario. Currently, “Escape: A Game” has 3 different game parts, in which part 3, also the last part, was released on December 29th. In the first part, the player will “wake up” after a bizarre dream and find himself locked in a small room filled with smoke. Part 2 has the same content, but the setting has turned into a hotel lobby. Whether you can escape safely or not, it completely depends on your ability to reason and make choices throughout the game experience (and of course, your ability to read English at a level. pretty or more).

It can be said that this is a quite unique idea, especially for those who are tired of having to lock themselves in the house 24/7 and are looking to escape (escape) their room. In the end, however, Google Docs is not the ideal platform for a game like this. For each selection you go through, you’ll have to click on a link to go to the next Docs page. That makes your browser soon have to load a huge number of page tabs and low-profile machines of course don’t like this situation at all.

Please play the very interesting escape the closet puzzle game right on Google Docs but be careful that it easily hangs the browser | Living

Your browser will quickly fall into this situation …

If you can read and understand English well, you absolutely can “destroy” the first game part 1 in about 1 hour. But in return, your browser will have to open about 50 different Google Docs tabs depending on your selection. That’s not to mention the many links, many weird YouTube videos that you must watch during the puzzle process. The challenges that “Escape: A Game” offer are also quite diverse, with knowledge covering many fields, from dentistry to having to remember the full names of the first 151 species of Pokemon. All will cause you to constantly explore and research during the game to choose the best ending.

You can experience “Escape: A Game” here.

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