Playing at LPL, SofM can be rich to how: Mark half a year to ‘bid’ a team of VCS, monthly salary enough to buy luxury apartments?

First, it should be noted that all information about a player’s income level is for reference only, for many reasons, do not have any teams publicly disclose the numbers they pay to pay. salary for his players.

All information about the salary of this player or the other star, so it is only “news corridor”. On the case of SofM, through the sharing of “people in the profession” such as Teacher Ba, Do Mixi or “uncle who works LPL“In the recent articles that we reported, gamers can narrow down the prediction of his salary at LPL, which is over 2 billion VND / month, the specific figure may fall to more than 5. billion / month, equivalent to about 66 billion VND / year, or 20 million Yuan.

“The uncle who works at LPL” has recently sparked a stir among Chinese netizens, revealing “SofM salary is on par with Karsa, just a little lower,” while TOP Esports jungler is said to be the employer. Organic salary of more than 20 million Yuan / year

SofM’s “predicted” salary is just a number … normal in the LPL

Of course, these are very “terrible” figures in the eyes of Vietnamese gamers, but in reality, it is a very normal milestone for Chinese esports – The land of open colors for every star. head of the world by the terrible compensation.

Uzi – The highest paid LPL gamer in the peak period, currently living in a high-class apartment of Tomson Riviera – The world’s most luxurious apartment building in Shanghai city.

The price of an apartment in this building can be up to 8 million USD (about 45 million yuan), and its rent is also extremely expensive: ranging from 85,000 yuan (278 million dong) – 200,000 yuan yuan (654 million VND) per month.

Playing at LPL SofM can be rich to how Mark half a year to bid a team of VCS monthly salary enough to buy luxury apartments | Esports

Photo taken inside of Uzi luxury apartment, with a view straight to the Huangpu River and belonging to the busiest urban area in Pudong, Shanghai

In images shared around early 2020, Uzi is said to be renting an apartment in the Tomson Riviera with a “view corner” heading straight to the Huangpu River – An apartment with a beautiful vantage point, which is predicted to have The rent is about 130,000 Yuan / month. Meanwhile, China’s GDP per capita according to statistics in 2019 is 19,560 USD, equivalent to … 138,000 Yuan / year.

This means that the rent alone, which Uzi spends every month, is on par with the average income of a Chinese citizen for a year. Of course, RNG Gunner’s income will be many times larger than the above 130,000 yuan.

The example from Uzi shows that the figures of tens of millions of Yuan per year of LPL players are not “fictional”. Xiaohu also shared that Karsa’s salary at TOP Esports is more than double RNG’s affordability, where the former Flash Wolves player is said to be earning 10 million Yuan / year.

How rich can SofM be?

SofM has been playing for 4 years at the LPL, and of course he is not a name that can receive a monthly salary from the first days. The fame and money SofM can get today is the result of a long journey to assert the status of a top jungler.

And let us do a little test related to the information about SofM’s huge income recently shared by Chinese netizens. Imagine with a salary of 66 billion / year, plus income from advertising and brand associations, minus taxes … the amount received by SofM may not be less than 50 billion VND /year.

Playing at LPL SofM can be rich to how Mark half a year to bid a team of VCS monthly salary enough to buy luxury apartments | Esports

SofM has not won the LPL, and has not been able to go to Worlds, but his level is what both LPL recognize.

In the event that SofM finishes his career in the LPL and returns to Vietnam in the future, the assets he owns can spare enough investment in a team at VCS. For example, in a quite hot “drama” involving the salary issue of players at VCS taking place in late 2019 – early 2020, a top team of Vietnam League was leaked a valid value. VND “to change owner name” for VND 10 billion.

Of course, the aforementioned number will increase rapidly in the next few years, due to the wave of investment and the development of Esports in Vietnam. Put in the most promising scenario, as VCS will make a mark at the next Worlds, and increase its position, the value of a top-ranked team can fall to around 30. billion VND in the next 2 years. This figure is nearly equal to … half of SofM’s current estimated income.

This means that if they only need to compete for half a year at LPL, SofM will have enough money to transfer and own a reputable team at VCS in the future. Of course, the number to remain active and develop that team will be much greater.

Playing at LPL SofM can be rich to how Mark half a year to bid a team of VCS monthly salary enough to buy luxury apartments | Esports

If you can not achieve the dream of participating in the World Championship while playing in the LPL, investing in a team in Vietnam and pursuing that dream is also possible with SofM. Ocelote – The owner of G2 Esports is a good example for this case

Back to the 5.5 billion VND / month milestone – SofM’s salary is predicted by the Chinese online community. This amount, plus SofM’s off-stream income and tax deductions, is more than enough for him to buy a luxury apartment in major urban areas in Vietnam, namely Hanoi.

Faker – League of Legends star with the highest income in the world, has invested money in the field of real estate for several years and owns quite a lot of valuable assets right in Seoul, South Korea. Will there be a similar scenario happening for SofM in the future? And if the LCK has Chairman Lee, will Vietnam LoL also appear a “Chairman Duy” or not?

Note: This article is just a funny prediction about SofM’s future, and the statistics are for reference only. In fact, with the personality of SofM, perhaps he will be more interested in opening a “billion fog” Cyber ​​Games to be a place to gather friends and satisfy gaming passion if retired in the future. The game king just needs to live “simple” so that’s it.

Playing at LPL SofM can be rich to how Mark half a year to bid a team of VCS monthly salary enough to buy luxury apartments | Esports

We can paint a very bright future for SofM, but maybe this guy himself is only dreaming of a small paradise to satisfy his passion for gaming since childhood.

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