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Plague Inc. game title unexpectedly removed from the Chinese application market

Plague Inc. game title cult is a simulation application (not exactly accurate) that allows you to use the mechanism of the game to create a deadly disease itself, the ultimate goal is to infect the global population. Amidst the influenza pandemic of Covid-19, Plague Inc. the more “spread” strongly, especially among Chinese gamers; They want to play to know how the virus spreads. The game is so popular that developers have to warn that Plague Inc. does not accurately reflect real life aspects.

>> Press come in for the latest information on the Covid-19 translation.

Incidentally, the Chinese government has officially requested to uninstall Plague Inc. out of the app store in China. According to the game developer, Ndemic Creations, “We have just been informed that Plague Inc. ‘Contains content that violates the law set by the China Cyberspace Administration’ and has been removed from the Chinese App Store”.

The developer is unclear what the Chinese decision to remove the game has to do with the ongoing Covid-19 flu, which is currently trying to contact the China Cyberspace Administration to try to resolve it. possible problems. Ndemic Creations continues to update the game in areas outside of China, where Plague Inc. still in vogue.

Plague Inc game title unexpectedly removed from the Chinese application market | Apps / Games

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