Placing GrabBike to ship more than 23 million VND, the female customer was extremely scared when the driver hugged the money and then lost contact.

GrabBike driver received delivery of more than 23 million VND and hugged the money to escape

On the morning of January 15, Ms. Le Thi D. (living in Binh Duong) posted on the social network that she was cheated by a GrabBike driver, received a delivery of more than 23 million VND but then hugged her money. hide. The incident quickly received the attention of numerous online communities.

Posts by female customers on social networks.

Accordingly, Ms. D. said that at around 21:00 pm on January 14, she ordered a GrabBike pickaxe through the Grab car booking application. However, when the driver arrived, Ms. D. had no need to move, but said the driver delivered the amount of 23 million VND 340,000 to the location entered in the application.

GrabBike driver agreed with Ms. D.’s request, received more than 23 million VND and 75,000 VND as freight. However, after that, the driver did not deliver the money to the agreed location but disconnected with the customer.

I am a Grab car customer but I don’t go. I told the driver that I was not going and thanks to the delivery, he asked me what I told him to give my sister the money of 23tr340k. He got delivered and took a higher ship fee, the fee for the car book was 66k but he took me 75k.

I paid but now he carried my 23tr340k away from 10pm yesterday till now hand me over …“- Ms. D. recounted the incident on Facebook.

Ms. D. also said, after not being able to contact the GrabBike driver who took her money, she reported the incident to Grab Company and the local authorities.

Placing GrabBike to ship more than 23 million VND the female customer was extremely scared when the driver hugged the money and then lost contact  | Internet

Ms. D. said she reported the incident to Grab and the police.

Sharing more with us, Ms. D. said that after taking the amount of more than VND 23 million, the male driver GrabBike deliberately lied about a broken car problem to extend the delivery time.

I informed my total of 23 million VND 340 million, I asked him if he could deliver it or not, he admitted it was delivered. I also paid a higher ship fee than in my 66k newspaper account because he told me to give me an additional 9k for 75k because of the high delivery responsibility so I did not hesitate to trust.

After nearly 1 hour I did not see the delivery report, I contacted the driver to ask why it was not arrived, he said it was dangling, I thought it was true so I told him to call my sister. to her attention.

After more than an hour, I called my sister and she told me that no one was calling. I kept calling and the driver didn’t pick up and then locked the phone“- Ms. D. recounted.

Ms. D. also said, after being grabbed by a GrabBike driver, she discovered that the driver’s phone number did not match the information displayed in the car reservation application. Through researching, she knew that the driver shared the same driving account with another person and this person had nothing to do with her incident.

Grab intervened to allow the driver partner to return money to customers

Regarding the above incident, a representative of Grab Company said that as soon as receiving feedback from customers, Grab quickly contacted the driver.

After verification, Grab has asked the driver’s partner to refund the entire cash of over VND 23 million to customers on the afternoon of January 15. At the same time, Grab discontinued cooperation with driver partner Nguyen Van L. permanently due to violations of the agreed Code of Conduct.

In addition, Grab would like to send sincere apologies to Le Thi D. customers for this bad experience. In addition, Customer Care has also instructed customers D. to book GrabExpress when there is demand for delivery, instead of ordering with GrabBike – which only has the function of carrying passengers, No freight forwarding.


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