Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports: A ‘costly’ game called Professional eSports

Case Lowkey Esports Player’s salary debt is becoming a hotly debated topic of the international Esports community. According to lobby information, the esports organization from North America is on the verge of bankruptcy, and has had to disband many Esports teams in different branches around the world.

Lowkey Esports was accused of unpaid wages for players and staff in the last two months of 2019, of which League of Legends team – Lowkey Vietnam still has 1.3 billion – 1.5 billion unpaid wages.

The original reason was evaluated because of the wrong development orientation of the team leaders, they set up or sponsored a number of teams in many different subjects, but they did not have enough money to operate. and maintain.

The fact that a well-known organization like Lowkey Esports also had a moment of extreme polarization made many people question the operation plan of Esports teams today, especially in Vietnam, where the concept “Professional” is still extremely vague.

League of professionalism – The gamble is full of luck

The figure of 1.5 billion that Lowkey is in arrears with Artifact and his teammates, as well as LK Vietnam employees is only an unpaid 2-month salary. If you make a simple calculation, within 1 year, the salary that this Esports organization will pay will be about 5 billion.

This is the average milestone for all other teams in Vietnam, plus the costs incurred such as the transfer fee, the operating cost of the Gaming House, the living expenses for the players (all teams pay 100% meals, living expenses for players and staff), operating costs of the academy (such as EVOS Esports) … every year, a professional League team at VCS will cost about 10 billion VND.

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

The achievement, reputation and financial potential of GAM is what every player dreams of

Another information that you may not forget, 10 billion is the same amount that the former Sky Gaming manager received to transfer the team to Team Flash. And understandably, this amount is the investment within 1 year of this team.

So in the opposite direction, how will these teams make money? Certainly, no business or individual has accepted to spend tens of billions of dong without earning anything (unless that person is Vuong Tu Thong Vietnamese version).

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

10 billion VND – is the value of Team Flash revealed by former SGD manager

One of the options for disbursement of professional League teams is the prize money for the tournament. At VCS Summer 2019, the prize money for the champion team (GAM Esports) is 400 million VND, while the last place – CERBERUS Esports receives 65 million VND.

GAM and Lowkey also received bonuses for participating in Worlds 2019, currently there are no exact figures (due to no additional statistics from the Quan Quan costume event), but both amount to hundreds of millions.

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

List of VCS bonuses for the summer of 2019

This number does not really penetrate, but it is important that the positive effect it brings. The higher the rankings, the easier it is for the teams to have “fame”, sponsorship, streaming and advertising. Or some organizations use the reputation of the team to expand their business, such as selling GAM shirts and shirts, as an example.

That is, the higher the performance on the field, the greater the chance of making money, even exponentially. However, in exchange for that achievement, the top teams also have to spend much more money. Typically, GAM Esports is said to have spent more than 1 billion VND just to buy Levi from JD Gaming, and then spend nearly 1 billion more for Palette in this transfer season. Over the past half year, GAM has been the most aggressive team in the transfer market.

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

Levi’s value alone has reached over 1 billion

Considering the overall aspect of League of Vietnam, currently only GAM Esports of League (invested by and major sponsors), and Mobile Alliance’s Mocha ZD Esports (sponsored by Mocha – A product of Viettel) is able to ensure the ability to manage capital in a long term. In addition, Team Flash (both League of Legends and League of Legends Mobile Team) is also a strong and reputable organization, thanks to the long-term development orientation of Esports, methodology and reputation.

(Referring specifically to the “unpaid” case of Team Flash League of Legends, the investigation results have shown that this is a personal problem of the former SGD manager with this team, not affecting the team’s potential) .

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

What do GAM, Team Flash or Mocha ZD have in common? Perhaps we are all very well aware. They all succeed in calling trustworthy investors, with strong reputations and financial resources, to make sure.And the above examples also prove that the game is called eSports. professional deaths do not belong to individuals, businesses “weak limbs”, and not “strong because of violence for money”.

Dream and passion? You will dream better when lying on a spring mattress, not on the floor

We can tell a few thousand times the story of “throw away the shame and seek sponsors” of QTV, with a friendly and joking attitude, because Vu Ca is famous “dirty”. But in a different perspective, the fans of QG also naturally feel the difficulty in operating a team to compete at VCS.

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

Always mentioning to find a Sponsor for QG with a humorous expression, but the fans of QTV understand, he is always upset about how to find a solid financial source to maintain the operation of this team

No sponsors, no money, synonymous with no blockbuster. QG is forced to use the young talents that rise from the solo queue, they have potential, but the level is not comparable to the famous professional players, and as a result, QG has to accept relegation. , rebuilt from scratch. But even if they return to VCS in the next one or two seasons, their goal will ultimately be relegation, if they can’t find a new Sponsor.

A pro gamer once lamented: “This job looks flashy, but the burden of rice and rice money is terrible. The peak of his career lasted 4-5 years. During that time without making enough billions to make capital later, then It is considered as a life of death. Being 17 years old is going to fight professionally, studying in progress, only knows how to plug in the computer, do not play games, no longer know what to do to make a living. “

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

Behind the carefree smiles of young players, sometimes the burden of money

It is often said that gaming is passion, but once you make a living by it, passion also gives way to the battle for livelihood. “The shirt is not kidding with the poet”.

Maybe, having to receive so many dramas, witnessing too many debt stories in the world, has made the gaming community somewhat disregard for Lowkey’s case, but keep trying to consider, Tet has come to a close, Blood labor costs are headline where not seen yet, try to ask the players or staff of Lowkey still mind to “Tet reunion”, “Tet reunion” or not? Although knowing that esports is a risky game, the incident that occurred at this time can obviously make even the most experienced people feel depressed.

Perspective from the story of Lowkey Esports A costly game called Professional eSports | Esports

After a year full of trophies, it was thought that “Fat girl” and his teammates would have a Tet full of joy …

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