Peanut was the focus of criticism from the LPL community after a ‘like semi-degree’ treatment in the defeat to Gen.G

With LPL No. 4 seed and playing against LCK’s 3rd seed, the performance of LGD Gaming in match with Gen.G Esports can be considered a very encouraging step compared to what they show in the Play-in round.

LGD had a very good late game with a series of victorious fighting situations and forced GEN to retreat to the third defense, but in the end, this team still dropped the victory in the hands of the LCK representative. .

GEN vs LGD Highlights Day 1 Worlds 2020 Main Event Gen G vs LGD Gaming by Onivia

As mentioned, the fact that LGD will lose to GEN is expected, and Chinese fans should not mind too much, even they may feel satisfied with the way the team is. This team plays, if so Peanut do not turn yourself into the spotlight with handling situations like sleep dreams.

In this match, the former Gen.G player had at least two situations to handle the error, the first was the Q phase of the wall at Baron’s cave, which caused him to take another beat and use Flash to dispute. Baron against GEN but fails.

But the most damaging was the situation at the end of the game, specifically the 43rd minute. LGD forced a GEN fight but was counterattacked, Life’s Sett gave the last move to Destroy the Arena and hit 3 LGD members. However, the GEN side could not reach it in time, allowing xiye and Peanut to flee successfully.

At this point, instead of retreating, Peanut suddenly stopped in a confusing way, and Bdd did not miss this opportunity, Lucian in his hand easily jumped to defeat Kindred. Originally, LGD was able to temporarily withdraw in this situation, but Peanut’s sudden defeat caused their movement to falter, and then the LGD roster was completely shattered.

Peanut was the focus of criticism from the LPL community after a like semi degree treatment in the defeat to Gen G | Esports

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Because of this situation, Peanut has become the focus of fierce criticism of the Chinese gaming community. While xiye was the member with the best performance in the match against Gen.G, LGD’s Jungler continuously made indirect or direct moves to throw away the team’s advantage.

On the LoL forums, a lot of opinions suggest that Peanut is actually an “Impostor” (Among Us’s impostor), and that this player is not worthy of the belief that LPL fans have for themselves:

Trong During the 2020 LPL Summer roster vote, I voted for Peanut instead of xiye, it’s youthful mistake.

– The best lesson is, please stop buying LCK waste.

Small peanuts, big problem.

– xiye tried very hard, but couldn’t fight against 6 of Gen.G’s either.

– Support, head to the enemy team regardless, the jungle lost the R button, there is no hope for LGD.

Peanut please go back to the LCK, I can’t stand it.

In fact, Peanut hasn’t shown a steady performance throughout LGD Gaming’s journey at Worlds this year, and the team’s fans have reason to be concerned. Many argue that Peanut’s biggest problem lies in its limited communication abilities and psychological factors, but for now, they don’t have much time to fix that, and LGD will certainly have to find ways to like suspect this problem if you want to fulfill your goal of passing the group stage of this year’s tournament.

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