Passionate about Kimetsu No Yaiba, the League of Legends gamer remakes Yone’s Japanese-style debut video

Even though it ended Kimetsu No Yaiba It is currently the comic series that has won the most love from readers at the moment. In Japan alone, 1 month’s revenue Kimetsu No Yaiba even higher than the combined 12-month sales of the series that topped the previous chart was One Piece. That said, I can see how much the fans in the world love the manga.

Yone has a lot of similarities with swordsman Kimetsu No Yaiba

Most recently, when League of Legends is planning to launch Yone, a swordsman from Ionia in the “Continental Spirit Flower” series. A gamer and fan Kimetsu No Yaiba saw Yone’s similarity to the swordsmen in the demon army, so he did not hesitate to remix Yone’s debut video on Kimetsu No Yaiba music. We can track his work in the video below:

According to the plot of League of Legends, Yone is originally Yasuo’s brother. Both attended the dojo of one of the best swordsmen in Ionia. While Yone poses as a mature brother, Yasuo appears to be a careless young man who doesn’t care. But unlike Yone, there is a natural talent within Yasuo that will follow and completely change Yasuo’s life in the future.

Aware of that, Yone always taught Yasuo to control himself. Because more than anyone else, Yone understands that talent can change people in a positive way but also can destroy a person’s entire life. And then, when the incident happened, both of their masters were killed by a technique of wind, which no one else mastered in Ionia but Yasuo. Doubts began to come, forcing Yone to fight Yasuo in a life-and-death battle. The results were in favor of Yasuo, who had killed his brother before he could still justify his master’s death.

Passionate about Kimetsu No Yaiba the League of Legends gamer remakes Yone s Japanese style debut video | Manga/Film

Yasuo killed his brother

Carrying hatred and the belief that Yasuo was the murderer down to the Underworld, Yone will never know that Yasuo was not the one who fell down with his master. A series of consecutive events happened in the spirit world that made Yone lost his way to the collector’s land. Here the fight with a devil took place making Yone become a half-human, half-demon.

Passionate about Kimetsu No Yaiba the League of Legends gamer remakes Yone s Japanese style debut video | Manga/Film

Yone went back to the human world once more

With her new identity, Yone easily left the land of the soul and returned to the human world. No one knows what Yone’s purpose in returning to Ionia, because in him right now is not only the soul of a swordsman but also the soul of an ancient demon whose name is unknown. But we all know for sure that Yone will definitely see Yasuo again. And the results of this game no one can predict.

Both Yone and Yasuo are designed based on the image of Japanese samurai and have many similarities with the demon sword swordsmen of Kimetsu No Yaiba. What do you think about the Yone demo video of this guy?

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