Part 2 – Surprisingly, the speed of war on the worldwide store dropped without any brakes

Before that, it was predicted that Speed ​​War’s difficulty situation was in opening postbut I don’t think the reality is that cruel, and how fast it is.

Part 2 Surprisingly the speed of war on the worldwide store dropped without any brakes | GameK

Now let’s go deeper in each country, starting with Korea with Speed ​​War reaching 17th place top free after 7 weeks of launch. Assuming this is another mobile game, this result is quite significant in a highly competitive market like South Korea, but this is Speed ​​War, a super product that should of course take the top spot. For months, even years, like the super products Pubg Mobile, Honor of Kings … used to work in key markets. Unfortunately the reality is cruel, only a few weeks but Speed ​​War has slipped, and if this momentum continues without proper intervention in time, the snowball once rolled will be difficult to stop. .

Sounds pessimistic, to see how other markets are, sometimes Korea is an exception?

Thailand – Rank 33

Thailand, an easy market but not easy to eat, and Speed ​​War after 7 weeks has pityingly slipped to No. 33! Although expected, but honestly, the author is still very surprised when the ROV (Thai name of Lien Quan Mobile) – the mobile game Moba in Thailand, can knock the pond up so quickly, but Is this reason just the tip of the iceberg, just like the RMS Titanic shipwreck disaster is really just because of the meteor impact?

After more careful consideration, the author arguably assumes that the direct cause may indeed come from the ROV, and possibly from the Rapid War itself – which will be discussed in more detail in the next section, But the interesting part actually lies in a deeper indirect cause called Heroes of Newerth – Thailand’s Moba PC game country once, the game has crushed League of Legends leading to today’s consequences. Fast-paced has almost nothing to inherit, regardless of community, or eSports tournament with not-even-impressive performance.

Part 2 Surprisingly the speed of war on the worldwide store dropped without any brakes | GameK

Heroes of Newerth, Thailand’s national Moba PC game, and of the world with Thailand at the center!

Again parachuting to another Southeast Asian country, the market is super populous, super fertile.

Indonesia – Rank 151!

The author really must express a deep concern when he realizes that the Speed ​​of War has slipped to 151, but if we come here, the ability to reverse the position is almost zero. Well then, continue to click and justify again because Indo is similar to Thailand, does not have a solid PC League of Legends platform, and of course the Indo game, Mobile Legends Bang Bang, also plays a key role in the bleak situation of Speed ​​War in this country.

Part 2 Surprisingly the speed of war on the worldwide store dropped without any brakes | GameK

There are also markets such as Malaysia, Singapore … but due to the size and influence is not large enough that it is not mentioned here, or with the exception of Japan, the game slips to the 350th place so there is not much to say. Because League of Legends has never found success in this country of cherry blossoms, it is understandable that Speed’s defeat is also understandable.

So up to now, after 7 weeks of debut, the overall situation of Speed ​​War is quite pessimistic on all fronts, regardless of “home field” such as Korea, or countries with existing competitors and are quickly knock down the pond. Then, in addition to the factors of thinking, behavior, and competitors – objective conditions, can the problem even come from Speed ​​War itself, the game product is correct but does it win? Specifically, please wait until the next part – Speed ​​battle: midway Above friendship, Under love.

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