Pake posted status full of mood, is it related to Dia1 coming back to EVOS?

Huynh “Pake” Thanh Hoang – Player Mid of EVOS Esports Recently posted a very moody and hidden status message on his personal Facebook. Based on the content of the post, some gamers have suggested that Pake is indirectly mentioning that he is about to be replaced at EVOS, despite having spent a season of dedication and effort.

Pake docked at EVS in December 2019 to replace the main one Dia1, after the top mid laner VCS decided to follow the call of Coach Tinikun to join GAM Esports. Pake himself has had a decent season at EVOS, but if he is on the same team as Dia1, then naturally, he will hardly be able to win the official position with this star.

The problem of Dia1 wanting to leave GAM Esports is all we all know, however, where the player is going is still a big question mark. According to our exclusive sources, Dia1 is currently the player with the highest transfer value of VCS, and of course, the team that wants to own this player must also be a “bloody” face and extreme. period of payment.

Pake posted status full of mood is it related to Dia1 coming back to EVOS | Esports

Besides, in a recent conversation with Levi on MXH, Coach Tinikun once again reminded him smartly that “taking Dia1 to eat farewell”, that parting here is probably nothing more than saying. Goodbye GAM Esports.

Combining these facts, it seems that EVOS Esports is taking concrete steps to bring Dia1 back. The proof is that Pake may be leaving or down the bench to make room for Dia1. In addition, EVS has just completed a blockbuster contract with Zeros, another proof that “money is not an issue” for this team.

Pake posted status full of mood is it related to Dia1 coming back to EVOS | Esports

As for GAM Esports, it seems that this team has put a lot of effort into keeping Dia1 as well, but holding on to a desired name is never the best. Dia1 came to GAM because of Tinikun, and when this coach left, it was understandable that he was no longer attached to this team.

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