Overcoming ‘Tuesday’, ‘Ca khau’ has become the most popular slang word for young people at WeChoice Awards 2019

The WeChoice Awards 2019 with the message “The little extraordinary thing” has returned in the warm welcome of the community. In addition to the category of Inspirational and Entertaining Characters, young people’s life is also very interested.

At the end of the voting period, the most popular nominations were named and honored at the Gala WeChoice Awars 2019. Among them, it is impossible not to mention the slang phrase of the year. This will be the place for young people to choose which is the most interesting saying / phrase, received the most viral viral on social networks in the past year.

Still in style, the Slang phrase of the year is always the category with the most nominations. The 10 nominations appearing in this year’s WeChoice include: Ca khau, Toang, Tuesday, Covered house, Misty fog, Teacher, Human wrath, Swinging, Nape and Giant super giant. And with overwhelmingly more votes, “Ca khia” has officially won this category!

“Ca khau” becomes the most popular slang word for young people at WeChoice Awards 2019

Talking about “Ca khia”, this is considered an act of karma, sarcasm in a delicate and elegant way, bringing happiness to oneself and joy for everyone (quoted from the youth dictionary). Not as heavy as “Export Karma”, “Ca khau” is of a softer and more dewy nature. That’s why people have seen the word appear in the past year and its victory at the WeChoice Awards 2019 is also understandable.

WeChoice Awards – The annual award organized by VCCorp Joint Stock Company, with the desire to honor the people, tell the most inspirational stories, events, products and constructions that have a positive impact on the community. copper – came back with a new message: The little extraordinary thing.

It is a story of extraordinary things made up of the most ordinary and simple people. It is these miracles, these small but extraordinary things, that make us more confident in the beauty of life, of humanity, and of the people themselves. Let us honor and vote for those stories, characters that you find worthy at the WeChoice Awards 2019.

The voting period is from December 31, 2018 to 23:59 in January 11, 2019. The journey to spread the inspiration of the WeChoice Awards 2019 will officially close with an emotional honor Gala night that will take place at 19h45 on 12/01/2019 and will be broadcast live on HTV2 – Vie Channel. Watch Livestream on Lotus application – Social network to receive immediately many attractive gifts. All information about WeChoice Awards 201 9 will continue to be updated at [ Æsir Tales ]

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