Overcoming big names, the Chinese company claims to create the world’s first in-screen camera technology

In-screen cameras are being considered the holy grail technology for smartphone design today as they offer a full-screen experience, without notch, without holes, without holes and even without cost. camera time for retract.

While only a few smartphone vendors have introduced their concept devices, Visionox, a Chinese manufacturer of OLED products, has announced it is ready to mass produce camera solutions in its displays.

According to ITHome, Visionox’s solution brings a series of hardware improvements to provide a better experience. Visionox says its solution achieves a balance of screen visibility and transparency by developing and using new, more transparent materials. In addition, the company developed new control circuits and pixel structures for OLED displays to minimize image noise.

Moreover, Visionox is working with device manufacturers to create a software algorithm for this new hardware solution. This algorithm is said to minimize image noise and glare as well as reduce reflection blur. According to Visionox’s statement on ITHome, this will result in a more realistic, clearer image.

Overcoming big names the Chinese company claims to create the world s first in screen camera technology | Mobile

In January, Xiaomi director Lu Weibing once stated that mass production of cameras in displays was impossible due to a series of technological obstacles.

More specifically, the official said that a screen with a pixel density of 400 pixels per inch will significantly reduce the amount of light that the camera in the screen receives, thereby reducing the quality of the image. In addition, the head of Redmi also said that the selection of lower resolution screen also causes other problems as well.

Meanwhile, Visionox seems to have solved those problems – or this is simply a statement to become the leader of an incomplete solution. Visionox said the first devices that use the company’s in-screen camera solution will “soon” launch.

Despite being a little-known device manufacturer in the world, Visionox is behind the many devices that resonate like Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha with touch screen surrounding the device. Visionox also introduced a foldable foldable smartphone prototype at the end of last year, but the product has never been officially launched.

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