Overcoming a series of superstars, two VCS players – LL and Levi owned the highest KDA in the world last week

A few days ago, the founder of the tournament statistics site League of Legends – published very interesting statistics like the top of the week KDA or the number of champions used in the past week. Especially in the list of players with the highest one-match KDA, there are 2 names of VCS that are included in this list: LL by Cerberus Esports and Levi by GAM Esports.

LL and Levi took first place in the top KDA category last week

Although he shares a KDA of 21.0, LL is ranked above Levi when he has 11 kills. Moreover, the match where LL has a terrible KDA number mentioned above is a very difficult match when facing EVOS Esports and facing Zeros. Although LL has not won in the end, LL has proven that he has not lost in terms of skill with his opponent, even if it is Zeros.

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As for Levi, his game is somewhat easier compared to LL when facing him just a not so mischievous Meliodas and Saigon Buffalo in the rejuvenation stage. However, the terrible KDA of 9/0/12 with Karthus also helped Levi overcome the “big hands” of LCK, ShowMaker and Canyon in this category. This shows that the ability of Vietnamese gamers to fight and sniff the kill points is not inferior to other regional players.

Overcoming a series of superstars two VCS players LL and Levi owned the highest KDA in the world last week | Esports

“Khanh Cau Soul” had an excellent match against Saigon Buffalo

Although in the past few seasons, VCS teams have been looking for ways to have more control strategies like Korea like mid Karma, but the effect is not good at all. Perhaps instead of learning the absolute control of the Koreans, we should follow the “chaotic but calculating” model of the LPL teams to achieve success. Our skills are not weak at all, what is needed is alertness.

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