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Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII, when will these ‘old’ games have their own remakes?

Vietnamese gamers are nostalgic, they remember the ancient games more than 10 years ago as a part of their youth. That is why their remakes always get the attention of most early gamers, even many people are willing to spend money to buy these remakes to get back to the old feeling.

The sad thing is that there are still a lot of good games that are expected by the community but there is no information about it being redone. Each game has its own beauty, charm, and reason to be given one more opportunity: The opportunity is known to the new generation of gamers.

GTA Original

When it comes to the GTA (Grand Theft Auto) series, many people will immediately remember Vice City, but the first version of the series has been released since 1997. This is the only GTA 1 version with a top-down perspective. with camera effects like a police and criminal pursuit.

Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII when will these old games have their own remakes | Game Online

The original GTA was called Race N Chase. Photo: Pinterest.

Later on, GTA parts became even better in graphics as well as achieved worldwide success – something that no one could deny. However, for gamers who have known GTA Original, it is still a desire to be remade, not to compete with the legends later, but to remind all that this is the first version. first of the hit GTA series.

Mega Man X4

Not a breakthrough game, but Mega Man X4 is rated as the best game in the series. Although there have been many new versions, the unique attraction of Mega Man X4 is that it cannot be replaced, just looking at old photos is enough to recall the feeling of a heroic past. .

Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII when will these old games have their own remakes | Game Online

Mega Man X4 is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flashbacks of gamers’ memories. Photo: Vgmuseum.

Memories of continuous eating, never ending a boss or groping every corner to find the location of hidden items has created the feeling of “plow hoe” addictive despite the fact, Mega Man X4 is just a game linear platform only. Many gamers share that although they love NES game, they must recognize Mega Man X4 as a blockbuster, as if you updated from Windows XP to Windows 7.

It would be great if we can once again admire the dangerous cannon shots of Rockman or the eye-catching combo from Zero. A remake version with new graphics but still retaining the storyline and the legendary Bosses will surely bring back the childhood of many gamers.

Other parts in the Resident Evil Series

Although a game is still under development, the previous versions of R.E will probably always be a monument to the veteran fans. If you have not heard of Resident Evil, it is a horror game, you will immersive in many characters throughout the parts and fight the zombies who are stealing your life. The difference of this game is that not only fighting the zombies, you also have to find the necessary clues to solve the mystery, and overcome the screen play. The classic Jump Scare as well as the legendary monsters that you will be able to applaud the founder when you meet them again in the later games.

Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII when will these old games have their own remakes | Game Online

The last R.E 3 remake has rained in the offline gaming community in general and R.E’s fans in particular. The company is also in the process of developing remakes for the following sections, promising to bring a lot of emotions to those who are fans of this horror game. Although this is a game under development of the remake, but it is still included in this list because it simply has a lot of un-remake parts and it is one of the legendary games that have been developed from 1996 to until now.

Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI can be considered as the beginning of the golden age of the Final Fantasy series and is so influential that it is often placed on the balance compared to the predecessor Final Fantasy VII – the monumental monument of the world. Japanese role-playing type JRPG. The highlight of Final Fantasy VI is the Job System that we have to use in Final Fantasy IX.

Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII when will these old games have their own remakes | Game Online

Opera House in Final Fantasy VI and the legendary Wedding Waltz. Photo: Reddit.

In addition, Final Fantasy VI is also the version with the most playable characters in the series, a total of up to 14 and is rated as … no symbolic character. Instead, all the characters are separate pieces, players will collect and stitch into a complete picture, balancing the acting ground together.

Out of Resident Evil 3 to Final Fantasy VII when will these old games have their own remakes | Game Online

Final Fantasy VI has the most Summons (27) and characters (14) in the Final Fantasy series. Photo: 3djuegos

Final Fantasy VI is a game innovation in many different ways and most of which cannot be described in words, especially storytelling. Therefore, a remake of Final Fantasy VI will have a huge impact in demonstrating how this game is really different and incredible. Fantasy VII has a remake and many fans think that Fantasy VI deserves it.

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