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Out of Pika Long, the Cu Chi rag is the next mascot hit by the curse of 2020?

If in the past, we had Pika Longs or silly dogs, then this year a bunch of new mascots have appeared. Many versions of mice hit by curses repeatedly surface on social networks. However, no version has caused many haunts for netizens as the poodle “real version” in Cu Chi below.

In the New Year to spring, the houses of the people are busy decorating their houses and streets. Besides the trees and flowers typical for Tet, the indispensable image is the zodiac animal model every year. 2020 is the year of the Rat, so rat models are everywhere. However, not all mice cause netizens to wake up like Cu Chi mouse.

More specifically, a social network user uploaded a mouse model image to celebrate the New Year. Although it looks like this work was done quite well, but the interface of our mouse goes wrong somewhere. Instead of the cute, fresh stylized mice with colorful, eye-catching colors, this famous mouse possesses a gray ash coat that looks very realistic. However, this fact when combined with the huge size has made both passers and netizens startled in a panic.

Out of Pika Long the Cu Chi rag is the next mascot hit by the curse of 2020 | Khám phá

Not only did the figure frighten, the bared mouse was placed haughtily on a heap of rough soil, surrounded by nothing but sketchy bamboo fences. This bizarre setting makes this “realistic version” look more authentic than ever. As a result, in just one night, this model mouse in Cu Chi became famous on the Internet. Under the photos of this mascot, many people leave quite funny comments:

This mouse is cursed. ”

“Maybe these rats have just gone up in the tunnels, before they could do anything about being captured as mascots.”

“Seeing the mascot knows that I designed this mouse to be a real person, that’s why there is such a thing.”

“Huh, how do you really look like a mouse?”

“Every year, the mascots get ridiculously funny. This year is more realistic like this.”

Out of Pika Long the Cu Chi rag is the next mascot hit by the curse of 2020 | Khám phá

Many people even joked that this mouse is actually a mouse that has just come from the Cu Chi Tunnels. And with its super-huge size, even cats would be scared to see it. That’s why the mouse, Cu Chi, was born late but soon soon overtook the famous brother Pika Long and became the most impressive mascot in recent years for the online community. Therefore, it must be admitted that, truth is not always effective and realistic.

However, need to say more, this mouse is only a special case, but the friends of Cu Chi still have many funny and good looking mice!

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