Optimus controversial when ‘cool talk’ MC Minh Nghi interviewed the wrong way, always asking sensitive ‘tactical secrets’

Optimus and Minh Nghi are two very famous names in the village League of Legends Vietnam, though, except for a couple of times standing together in front of the podium, both seem to be … unrelated, due to their activities in two different fields. But recently, Optimus and Minh Nghi have been caught up in a small controversy after the reaction of “Professor Cuong” on the player interview by Minh Nghi, received many mixed opinions.

During the livestream commenting on the match between Team Flash and CERBERUS Esports, Optimus half jokingly asked MC Minh Nghi to reduce the tactical questions of the teams, with the following content:

“If MC Minh Nghi is watching my livestream, I would like to invite MC Minh Nghi to an ice cream party, the purpose is for us to interview all the key members of the teams at VCS. I will invite All of you out, then we’ll sit down to answer all the secrets and tactics of all the teams, and then interview these questions again? Honey, it can’t be helped, it can only give a general answer. “

The story seems to be very small but accidentally caused the fan community to fall into the “fight”, because the argument that Optimus made is that Minh Nghi should not ask about the tactics of the teams because that is the problem. sensitive, but his expression seems to have made some fans unhappy.

Although this is just a fun-filled stream reaction, anyway, Optimus’s comments about MC Minh Nghi also have an influence when it comes to the government. As a familiar host of VCS, being disparaged about your professional skills in an unclear manner also causes a lot of pressure. After hearing the reaction, MC Minh Nghi immediately responded:

Optimus controversial when cool talk MC Minh Nghi interviewed the wrong way always asking sensitive tactical secrets | Esports

In addition to responding to professional issues, Minh Nghi also shared that she put a lot of thought, effort and time to be able to do her job well, but sometimes only a few random comments stop making this job no longer fun.

In fact, Optimus has a few words to touch the matter of Minh Nghi’s expertise is not too difficult to understand, because both work in two completely different fields. On the female MC Minh Nghi side, her interview style is inherently popular in other regions, not just VCS.

If we are an LPL fan, we would be too familiar with interviews focusing on Candice or Hilda’s professionalism, so Minh Nghi asked questions related to tactics or The happenings in the match are quite normal.

Fortunately, Optimus later apologized to MC Minh Nghi, he also admitted that his words were a bit too much at the time, and promised to learn from his experience and control his words. future.

Optimus controversial when cool talk MC Minh Nghi interviewed the wrong way always asking sensitive tactical secrets | Esports

Optimus apologized to Minh Nghi after his statements

In general, the story has been resolved well, except for a few small controversies between the two fan communities, so nothing too unfortunate happened. On the side of Optimus and Minh Nghi, the two of them personally erased everything, and the most important was still to absorb the opinions of the community and their completely professional efforts.

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