Oppo boss proudly shows the Oppo X 2021 ‘belly folding’ 100 thousand times without any problems

OPPO recently announced the world’s first rollable smartphone prototype called the OPPO X 2021. The company has also claimed that the device has extremely impressive durability, beyond imagination. of many people.

During the launch event, Oppo hardware structural engineer Jin Xiang shared some interesting perspectives about the OPPO X 2021, especially the numbers that show that this machine has undergone etching tests. how cruel.

Xiang said, the phone has been experienced 100,000 scissors and rolls enter without any damage. Testing involves pulling out and retrieving the screen about 100,000 times.

The hardware manager of OPPO also said that this limit does not even have any effect on the device. From this result, the power of a scrollable smartphone is truly impressive and it can run for years without worrying about malfunctioning the scroll mechanism.

Oppo boss proudly shows the Oppo X 2021 belly folding 100 thousand times without any problems | Mobile

This is quite an impressive milestone for the OPPO brand. However, the OPPO X 2021 is yet to be sold as there are still some technical hurdles to overcome before commercial production and release. According to a recent leak, the launch of the commercial product is expected to be 2022. Currently the screen of the machine is still continuing to be improved to make the most efficient.

It is known that the display supplier for Oppo X 2021 is BOE, a famous Chinese display manufacturing company.

Oppo boss proudly shows the Oppo X 2021 belly folding 100 thousand times without any problems | Mobile

Also according to BOE and experts also agree and said that this technology can only be ripe and mass produced in 2022. Of course this is a long waiting period. Because during this time, LG is also planning to launch a rollable smartphone in the first half of 2021.

Not only LG, even Samsung is also said to be working on a new variant of this smartphone. So far, though, OPPO remains the first manufacturer to give the tech world a first look at such a rollable device.

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