Only 1 click, get 100% free top card game – Faeria

Launched in 2017, Faeria is an extremely quality card game. Basically, Faeria has a style of play as well as a style of playing cards that is quite similar to Hearthstone – Blizzard’s magic card game. The most special and novel thing of Faeria is the introduction of a new system of tables and environments, which have a positive effect, increasing the power of monsters when summoning as well as many other characteristics.

Gameplay combines magic playing cards, next to the chess-style table, helping Faeria escape the Hearthstone’s shadow in the current card game genre, as well as helping players have more new experiences. .

Only 1 click get 100 free top card game Faeria | PC/Console

Regarding the table and environment, players will be able to create different types of terrain on the table to create their own advantages. For example, players can create map tiles in the form of mountains, forests or rivers … In special terrain types, players will be able to summon special types of monsters that when on This terrain type, monsters will receive additional advantages (increased Attack, Health …).

Only 1 click get 100 free top card game Faeria | PC/Console

This makes us somewhat reminiscent of Yu-Gi-Oh, one of the first magic card game in the world to put into the environment, and apply the terrain to the table to give monsters an advantage when summoned.

In the present time, most magic card games now revolve around summoning monsters, then attack directly on the opponent. The element of the table is neglected and makes these magic card games similar to each other, not breakthrough. That’s why Faeria became so much more special.

Only 1 click get 100 free top card game Faeria | PC/Console

The card system in Faeria is also quite rich with a lot of cards (will be updated more) divided by levels from normal (common) to legendary (legendary). In addition, gamers can also create a card for themselves and use it. Similar to many other card battle games, gamers will have to arrange a deck of 20 cards to suit their strategy to win the duel.

At the moment, Faeria is being released 100% free on Epic Games Store. Interested people can access here to download and play games.

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