One Punch Man: This is someone who always considers Saitama a potential threat and watches his bald moves.

Dr. Bofoi – S class 6 hero of the Hero Association, he is also known as the heroic nickname Metal Knight. Bofoi is one of the few people who realize the power of Saitama and began to spy on him, as he viewed Saitama as a potential future threat to him.

Bofoi has white hair and a large nose. He also often wears a white lab coat over his blue shirt. Bofoi acts mainly through the use of remotely controlled robots at a safe distance. So far, we’ve seen Bofoi often use 2 different robots. The first is a large robot capable of flying with powerful firepower. The second robot is much smaller, is nearly human in size and does not have a clearly visible weapon, it can also be used for reconnaissance.

Metal Knight seems amused with any form of high-tech, as shown, as he sends one of his robots to collect remnants, searching for anything that might be useful in the pile. Wrecked from Lord Boros’s spaceship. Despite being a hero, Metal Knight appears to be someone who does not have compassion for others if it is beneficial. Even when an asteroid was about to plunge into Z-City, Metal Knight coldly refused to cooperate with Genos to prevent disasters, Bofoi’s only concern at the moment was the reliability and power of the missiles. new research and manufacture.

Given Drive Knight’s warning to Genos, anything about Bofoi remains a mystery. There is a theory that Bofoi is closely related to the Mystery Foundation specializing in robot research behind Robot G4, G5 appearing in One Punch Man and S Class 1 hero Blast.

One Punch Man This is someone who always considers Saitama a potential threat and watches his bald moves | Manga/Film

Metal Knight is also aware of the corruption in the Hero Association’s governing apparatus, but is completely unconcerned if it does not affect his interests. When dealing with monsters, Metal Knight was very cautious and pragmatic as he could see, the Monster Association’s provocation was a trap to destroy the majority of heroes in the Hero Association. However, at the same time, Bofot’s pragmatism also makes him extremely ruthless, since it was he who proposed bombing the weak points of the Monster Association, to kill them regardless of one’s life. the child, hostage of a major sponsor to the Hero’s Association. As a result, the Hero Association rejected Bofoi’s plan, and even Little Ba Vuong felt disgusted by this.

While being cold, pragmatic, calculating in attitude, acting. Bofoi’s decisions stem from his fear of an unknown force, someone hiding in the dark. Bofoi himself even claimed that it wasn’t the Monster Association, but something else, something far more gruesome and powerful than that. Bofoi readily shares his personal fears with the Little Emperor and warns him of the dangers lurking in the dark, even giving him personal advice on how to survive and advising him. Tell Tieu Ba Vuong to be careful in every action, every decision.

One Punch Man This is someone who always considers Saitama a potential threat and watches his bald moves | Manga/Film

After Saitama destroyed all of his robots, Bofoi became interested in Bald Cloak and watched Saitama more intensively, as he saw him as his potential threat in the future. Bofoi has a little bit of resentment towards Saitama for being reprimanded by the Hero Association staff for his unreliable protection against the monster Saitama destroyed and blamed for its malfunction.

As an S-Class hero, Bofoi is arguably powerful, though he achieved that position thanks to his brain and weapon powers, as opposed to his own physical strength. According to Gyoro Gyoro, the Metal Knight is one of the four heroes who can defeat the Elder centipede. Even so, Metal Knight is unable to injure the Elder centipede when fighting with his Robot. However, Phoenix Man notes that Bofoi’s full military might and weapons have yet to really show, even to the Hero’s Association, which is why they feared Bofoi’s potential betrayal, because he can be a huge threat.

One Punch Man This is someone who always considers Saitama a potential threat and watches his bald moves | Manga/Film

Rumor has it that Bofoi has an enormous arsenal and an army of robots, to the point where the Hero’s Association dreads thinking about him betraying; Gyoro Gyoro stated that Metal Knight was one of the few heroes able to defeat the Elder centipede because of this. Four Legged Construction Robots were used to rebuild the Hero Association to resemble the AT-AT robot in Star Wars. Bofoi is confirmed to have possessed Boros’ ship and he has moved it to a secret location. Currently he is trying to develop new technology with it.

From Bofoi’s personality, strength, and abilities known as Metal Knight, it would be very interesting and intriguing if he became a villain and would be the man Saitama would face if there was a turn for Metal. Knight is the villain in One Punch Man. What do you guys think about the above, please leave your opinion!

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