One Punch Man: ‘One Punch One’ and 5 powerful abilities that fans want to own

In One Punch Man has appeared many different types of power, from running faster than lightning, seeing through the future, to the ability to regenerate the body, … These are extremely powerful abilities that are stronger than humans.

Here let us review the 5 “hegemony” powers in the series One Punch Man Fans want to own the most. These are all extremely powerful abilities that can help people realize their desired dreams.

1. Tactical transformation of Drive Knight

In One-Punch Man, Drive Knight is a cyborg and ninth-ranked hero in S class. Drive Knight’s main strength is his ability to transform tactics, allowing him to adapt. Fight with different types of monsters.

This method of fighting is very flexible due to this, which the Nyan monster notes that he cannot predict Drive Knight’s move. Just transformed extremely cool, can not change the extreme shape, so that this ability is a lot of fans desire to own.

2. Controlling Tatsumaki’s living body

One Punch Man One Punch One and 5 powerful abilities that fans want to own | Manga/Film

As a second-class S class hero, Tatsumaki is extremely strong. She is one of the strongest heroes and espers alive. Fubuki describes his sister as a monster and Darklight tells Garou that if he had to fight Tatsumaki before she was exhausted, he would lose immediately.

And one of Tatsumaki’s strong powers is being able to control living things. This is the power that gives the possessor the ability to immobilize others and cause them pain by using super powers to distort their bodies.

Thanks to this, the user can save a lot of time when fighting, and especially, it is very cool when just raising your hand towards the opponent, they are strangled to the body, it is quite interesting right. no?

3. Zombie Man’s healing ability

One Punch Man One Punch One and 5 powerful abilities that fans want to own | Manga/Film

As an S-Class hero, it’s undeniable that Zombieman is very strong. People still say that wherever he goes, blood flowers will bloom. And the most powerful ability Zombie Man is known to be able to recover.

As one of the most powerful regenerators in OnePunch Man, he can regenerate any part of the body no matter how severe the wound is, it’s so fast that he can Heals broken arm immediately. Zombie man can continue to move even without his head or internal organs and it only takes a few minutes to recover from being beaten through the body and severed his left arm.

This is a truly amazing ability.

4. Super lucky King

One Punch Man One Punch One and 5 powerful abilities that fans want to own | Manga/Film

In One Punch Man, King is the most special S class hero in the association when he does not possess any power but still admires the whole world. From the majority of the truly strong to the weak must bow down to King after he inadvertently became the one who devote all of Saitama’s monster extermination results. These are all thanks to his “super lucky” ability.

This must be a unique ability when the owner is always lucky to escape from many dangerous situations that can harm his life. A form of ability that didn’t require too much effort to fight but still accelerated fame.

5. One death punch of Saitama

One Punch Man One Punch One and 5 powerful abilities that fans want to own | Manga/Film

In terms of hegemony, Saitama’s power is considered to be No. 1 in One Punch Man. He is famous all over the world for his “one-on-one” punch, he can take down all the villains that have appeared in the story so far without any difficulty.

It’s a bit rough, but it’s a skill that’s both fast and convenient, but it’s also really cool to solve everything in one hit. And it’s no wonder that this is the ability that fans want to possess the most One Punch Man.

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