One Punch Man: Named as the Monster King, Orochi is just as powerful as he is

One Punch Man is one of the most popular manga series today. The content of the series revolves around a dumbfounded young man named Saitama fighting against monsters. The hero of the bald robe is a character with such overwhelming strength that he becomes depressed because there is no opponent. There is no doubt that the main character, Saitama, is clearly the strongest character in the series.

However the monster tOne Punch Man is not wasted. Typically the monster king Orochi, the head of the monster association. He is very strong, which is unquestionable despite being defeated by Saitama. So sHow powerful is the “boss” of the Monster Association – Orochi, find out below!

1. Orochi was once a human, but because of his great ambition, this guy was turned into a monster by a psychic creature named Gyoro Gyoro. He possessed superior intellect, a rare talent. He easily learns his opponent’s technique after just one observation, such as how easily he discovered Saitama’s mysterious power after a few analysis … And doesn’t know what it would be like if he resembled him. like Garou, know how to use the charge “water flow worn” with “blunt iron blow” to create “Giao Long parallel rights”? Surely he will be even more dangerous.

2. The monster king’s body was assembled from countless different dragons. These dragons can appear from one of Orochi’s fingers, horns, or toes and can create kame force with high temperatures and thunder.

3. Even, he can be just like Garou, hitting harder, because he can analyze the opponent’s skills and weaknesses, as well as absorb it.

One Punch Man Named as the Monster King Orochi is just as powerful as he is | Manga/Film

The monster king easily defeated Garou in half-monster form.

4. It seems that Orochi also possesses a physical physique, but unfortunately when facing Saitama, no matter how strong he is, he has no door.

5. Orochi’s reflexes can block a few of Tran’s counter attacks.

6. If Orochi fights any S Class hero, he can easily defeat them. Luckily, Saitam clashed and destroyed the King of Monsters before he could meet the S Class heroes.

7. Yusuke Murata, the author of the manga version, once claimed that the Monster King was at a “Dragon and higher” disaster level.

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