One Piece: X-Drake and interesting information about the new Supernova being Luffy’s ally

X-Drake is the only member in “Tobi Roppo” to not have a horn

If you notice all members of Tobi Roppo group have a pair of horns in mind, except for X-Drake. Although X-Drake’s hair is stylish and protruding like a small horn, it is not a pair of horns in the style of the Kaido gang. Perhaps this is a sign that he is planning to “put horns” on the heads of the other members that Oda revealed to us.

X-Drake has 2 different birthdays

In SBS episode 64, a reader inquired about the date of X-Drake’s birth and was revealed by Oda as October 24. With the meaning X is the number 10 in the Roman numeral, and 24 is the position of the character. This is in the English alphabet. However in the book One Piece Blue Deep debuted about a year later, X-Drake’s birthday was October 10. This makes X-Drake and Viola the only two characters to have two different birthdays. However, the information provided in SBS is considered accurate because it was confirmed by Oda himself.

One Piece X Drake and interesting information about the new Supernova being Luffy s ally | Manga/Film

X-Drake has many details regarding the revolution in real life

The date of birth of X-Drake, October 24, is the beginning of the Russian October revolution (according to the old Julius calendar when Russia did not use a new calendar). His nickname, “Red Flag Red Flag”, is a common symbol for social networking. X-Drake’s activities also carry many political marks, as he is often known to have a naval background, then betrayed the world government to become a pirate.

Upon encountering Kaido and being forced into submission by Kaido, X-Drake still silently had many activities against Kaido, allegedly who released Law from the dungeon after being arrested, eventually changing sides to become allied with the Straw Hats. Even so, the main role of X-Drake is still the leader of an underground organization operating under the command of the Navy with mysterious purposes. However, no one is sure whether this is his true identity, or if there is a completely different class of identity below, as many theories have proposed.

Drake’s name is inspired by a real figure from history

That was Vice Admiral Francis Drake, This information was revealed by Mr. Oda in SBS episode 52. Vice Admiral Francis Drake is an explorer, a famous British captain living in the 16th century, being the second person. traveling around the world, the nightmare of the Spanish pirates at that time. He was once called by the pirates by the nickname El Draque in, or Draco, which means Dragon. Another interesting piece of information is that Drake’s name shares the same pronunciation as that nickname, while X-Drake’s power is an ancient dinosaur, an animal believed to be the inspiration of Western dragons. In legendary.

One Piece X Drake and interesting information about the new Supernova being Luffy s ally | Manga/Film

X-Drake’s favorite food is chicken rice, but he hates eating eggs the most

A reader asked Oda for information about the supernovas’ favorites and dislikes in SBS episode 81. Although he likes chicken rice, X-Drake doesn’t like eggs. Later in SBS episode 82, Oda also revealed X-Drake has a passion for reptiles and loves studying astronomy.

One Piece X Drake and interesting information about the new Supernova being Luffy s ally | Manga/Film

If in the real world, X-Drake will become a zookeeper

X-Drake would be a Turkish zookeeper if he lived in the real world. This interesting information was revealed by Oda in SBS episode 88. With his passion for reptiles, X-Drake will definitely be a very good guy for the zoos specializing in this breed.

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