One Piece: With hundreds of characters, thousands of ‘Oda’s’ tricks have to use the help of the ‘online database’ to create them.

World of fiction One Piece Extremely vast with hundreds of characters with different personalities, shaping and strength. They exist and parallel through countless unique and unique places through the imagination and creativity of Oda. However mAlthough the “father” of the series but with a huge number of characters as in One Piece sometimes Oda can’t remember all his mental children.

And so when composing, sometimes “St. Oda” resorted to the fear of online database support. This was officially revealed in the latest Weekly Jump Shonen magazine.

1. Oda’s review of the online database in the latest Weekly Jump Shonen magazine

Recently, the message of the author Oda in this week’s magazine made many fans surprised. He has to share that “When the great battles began, there was one thing that I could not live without, it was an online database of all the characters’ tricks.”

This is really a shocking statement when he was the one who created them but can’t remember it all, how can anyone remember it?

And unfortunately Oda did not disclose which online database he was using. According to many opinions, this could be data from the forms that Shonen Jump created to help him remember or data created by fans such as the One Piece wiki.

2. The great battle at Wano is about to take place, and Oda needs more help

One Piece With hundreds of characters thousands of Oda s tricks have to use the help of the online database to create them | Manga/Film

The fact that Oda has created all the characters, tactics, and places in One Piece over the past 20 years is truly extraordinary. So the fact that he could not remember it all was not too difficult to understand.

Especially in the upcoming Wano War with countless old and new characters appearing, it is not strange that Oda will have to rely on the database to be able to compose and draw the next details of the series. story. And maybe at this moment he will create some new tactics and maybe our main will be buffed more power?

It is desirable right?

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