One Piece: Will Momonosuke join the Straw Hats to inherit the legacy of the Kozuki clan?

One Piece is a famous Japanese manga created by Eiichiro Oda, with the story of Luffy and other members traveling to different seas in search of the world’s greatest treasure. and become the new Pirate King.

And if you are a fan One Piece For many years, the author will know that Oda is a person who likes to send forward information about what will happen in his story on the covers. A dozen examples can be cited to demonstrate this Oda’s hobby of testing the fan. And recently fans discovered a detail that showed the character Momonosuke will probably join the tape Straw hat Future. So how things let’s go find out together.

1. Design of ice members Straw hat appeared a character like Momonosuke

Before the members of the ice Straw hat Currently identified as the author, Oda had the first character sketch of his imagination.

For example, Chopper was originally designed to be bigger and not cute or Usopp was drawn more like Yasopp. However it also has some similarities with their current form.

And if everyone notices the person standing to the left circled in red, this character hasn’t appeared in the tape yet Straw hat, and if you look a little closer, there are several parts that resemble Momonosuke.

It is possible that Oda has implicitly arranged this character will join the crew Straw hat Future.

2. Momonosuke will participate Straw hat to inherit the legacy of the Kozuki clan

One Piece Will Momonosuke join the Straw Hats to inherit the legacy of the Kozuki clan | Manga/Film

There are many reasons to Momonosuke Can join the tape Straw hat, but the most powerful is because he can continue the legacy of his family. As we all know, Kozuki is a family specializing in sculpting Poneglyph, but was “buried” after the death of Kozuki Oden.

And myself Momonosuke had to stray to the future from an early age so he didn’t have the opportunity to learn the knowledge from his father. So join the tape Straw hat is an opportunity for him to travel the world to learn about the Poneglyph rocks as well as learn this knowledge from Robin so that he can develop and rebuild his family.

3. Momonosuke Need to know about treasure One Piece

One Piece Will Momonosuke join the Straw Hats to inherit the legacy of the Kozuki clan | Manga/Film

Until now, there are many clues showing the close relationship between the Ancient Kingdom with the Wano Kingdom and the Kozuki clan.

Therefore, as the successors of the Shogun and the Kozuki clan, well Momonosuke need to know what his father Kozuki Oden actually saw when he came to “Laugh Tale”.

And since Luffy is the brightest candidate for the title of Pirate King, he definitely has to go to the end of the world to discover the treasure. One Piece. The tape joined Straw hat is an opportunity for Momonosuke Learn all about the past and the origin of our family.

Read here what do people think? Whether Momonosuke have joined the ice Straw hat In the future to realize his dream does not. Let us know your thoughts on this matter.

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