One Piece: What if the ‘planned’ trio clash the trio, the victory will belong to Luffy?

This will be a very interesting clash at the Wano arc this time. Luffy, Zoro and Kid represent the Supernova generation and are also the front lines of the Kaido alliance. Meanwhile, the Okaban, King, Queen and Jack are also the core of the encyclopedia. It would be logical for these 3 Supernovas to have a collision with the trio so they can prove their progress over the past time. Let’s take a look at 3 head-to-head battles if this happens:

Luffy – King of Fire

King of Fire is someone with power and very dangerous calculations

Up to the present time, the Fire King seems to be one of Kaido’s most trusted people. Not only showed a little strength through the action that caused Big Mom and her children to fall into the sea, but King also proved to be a very careful and conspiracy. He did not hesitate to call the Tobi Roppo group to Devil’s Island even though Kaido did not need this. When asked why, King thought that this Tobi Roppo group would be useful to Kaido and he sensed that something bad was going to happen at the fire festival. In terms of both power and vision, it can be said that King is the most important character of the Beast Academy after Kaido.

One Piece What if the planned trio clash the trio the victory will belong to Luffy | Manga/Film

Luffy can overcome King?

King is the owner of the ancient Zoan Devil Fruit, a Pteranodon flying dinosaur that allows him to fly with wide wings and attack from above. He can also create attacks from fire and is able to use sword skills quite well. King’s strength is at the top of the pack. For a strong person like King of Fire, it will be an opportunity for Luffy gear 4, plus haki skills to see the near future and high-level haki just learned to show off.

Certainly Luffy will have to be very difficult when confronting this character because in terms of class and ability, King is no less than the sweet commander Katakuri of Big Mom. The one that Luffy struggled to overcome at Cake Island Arc.

Zoro – Jack Drought

Like King, Jack Han Han is also one of the 3 Okaban who owned the ancient Zoan Devil Fruit. If King’s power is still quite mysterious, then Jack is a character in the trilogy that shows the most of his strength through the battle at Zou Island and the encounter with one of the Nine Red Bao Ashura. Unlike King, Jack Han Han is a battle-blooded character and has a quite “young buffalo” personality. Jack had intended to attack the Navy warship where both former admiral Sengoku and several of the Navy’s “bloody face” were present.

One Piece What if the planned trio clash the trio the victory will belong to Luffy | Manga/Film

Zoro and Jack Drought will be an interesting confrontation

In addition to suffering from “cattle” and his brutality, Jack seems to be a person who knows how to use techniques related to swordsmanship. Will be an interesting clash of Zoro when the audience will be waiting for another time this guy slashes Enma with the sword Enma in the form of fatal hits

Kid – Queen

As we all know, at chapter 980, Queen is trying to destroy one of the 6 members of Tobi Roppo. Contrary to his quite “humorous” appearance, it seems that this Okaban is also very calculated. The power of the Queen is shown quite a lot when he encounters Big Mom. Despite being repeatedly “quenched” by the Tu Hoang, the Queen then recovered very quickly and appeared unharmed. This proves that Queen’s stamina is not trivial.

One Piece What if the planned trio clash the trio the victory will belong to Luffy | Manga/Film

Queen is a very dangerous person far from his “comedy”

With Kid’s personality, after defeating Apoo traitor, it is likely that “fellow junk” will find Apoo’s owner, Queen of Plague, to continue to show ability and make merits for the alliance. The confrontation between these two violent predators will surely be an extremely interesting battle.

If these 3 confrontations take place, it will be a good opportunity for the audience to test the progress of the Supernovas over the past time and also an opportunity for the trio to show more.

One Piece What if the planned trio clash the trio the victory will belong to Luffy | Manga/Film

Will Kid show much before the Plague Queen?

“Destroy the plan” and the trio, if this war took place on which side would you take? Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post!

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