One Piece: The power of Tama can control the true Zoan type fruit, truth or just a rumor

O-Tama is a new character introduced in One Piece chapter 911, this 8-year-old girl lives in the village of Amigasa in Wano. country. Many people believe that O-Tama owns Devil fruit Paramecia-type, it allows her to possess a very special ability to create food from her body. These foods have the ability to tame animals (like Doremon’s purebred cake).

In One Piece, all animals, even half-humans and half-beasts, eat by eating Devil fruit SMILE can also be tamed if fed with Dibi kibi pinched from Tama’s cheeks. In Speed’s case, for example, she has been loyal to Tama even though Speed ​​was originally a member of Kaido. Likewise, Tama can use this amazing ability to get other beasts to fight at his command.

But this applies to all SMILEs and this power can overpower users Devil fruit Really Zoan system or not? Let’s go analyze it together.

Uniqueness of Devil fruit SMILE

In the previous few chapters, we saw that the animal elements in SMILE and the people who ate them were actually separate. The most obvious example we can see is Holdem in One Piece 918, which shows that the lion Kamijiro can still wake up even though Holdem himself has passed out. This is evidence that the two of them have a distinct consciousness.

This reinforces that assumption Devil fruit The Zoan and SMILE systems work very differently. Whereas genuine Zoan fruit gives power in the form of changing shape into animals or other creatures. The SMILE fruit does not provide the power to turn into animals, but only adds animal elements to humans.

Besides, the SMILE fruit elements can be different and random so the user of the artificial fruit cannot choose which animal parts to add to their own body. In Holdem’s case, unfortunately, he got a lion’s head right in his stomach.

However, thanks to that we know that these additional body parts are actually separate from people who eat SMILE and it seems like they are put together like that. In contrast to the users Devil fruit The Zoan system is indeed capable of transforming into animals or other organisms perfectly.

Tama can control all SMILE owners

One Piece The power of Tama can control the true Zoan type fruit truth or just a rumor | Manga/Film

According to the above theory, one would wonder why Speed ​​is affected by Devil fruit by O-Tama even though she is still a human. The same happened to Babanuki in the Udon prison mines, who immediately obeyed everything Tama said after eating the “purebred cake”.

If we pay close attention, Speed ​​says her eyesight is like a horse and so does the body when the lower part of the waist is replaced with a horse. This means that much of the Speed’s body is like a horse, at least the mouth and internal organs since the lower part of the hip must have the same internal organs as a normal horse.

If something happened like this it could be that the horse’s consciousness was fused with Speed ​​and with her consciousness. And now maybe Devil fruit O-Tama’s works on the consciousness of the horse, but since the horse and the human parts are almost perfectly integrated, Speed’s entire consciousness is affected by O-Tama’s power.

At first, it was thought that Tama’s power would only work on a character like Speed, whose SMILE of the animal body and its real body were completely fused. But that is not the case, consider Holdem, who has a lion’s head with different thoughts.

Or as was the case with Babanuki- he took the form of an elephant with a different perception. But Tama was completely in control of Babanuki, until Babanuki betrayed Queen by giving false information.

All of this shows that Tama seems to have the power to manipulate everyone who eats Devil fruit artificial.

Tama can control one Devil fruit Zoan really?

One Piece The power of Tama can control the true Zoan type fruit truth or just a rumor | Manga/Film

As mentioned above there are many differences in the power provided by Zoan-type Devil Fruit and SMILE.

SMILE provides additional animal parts so that they can still be affected by Devil fruit by O-Tama. But unlike real Zoan users they are still human. They only have the power to transform into an animal or another being and their consciousness is still completely human and does not share consciousness with animals.

This makes many people suspect that although Tama can control SMILE, she cannot control the whole Zoan system. A genuine Zoan fruit user is not always as fused with animals as people who eat SMILE.

What about the Devil fruit What about the Zoan system implanted in inanimate objects? For this case, I think power Devil fruit O-Tama’s may affect them. Inanimate objects are endowed with power Devil fruit The Zoan system not only gives them the ability to change shape but also gives them more awareness depending on the type of animal they are born, in contrast to those who eat good Zoan fruit who retain their original consciousness.

Reading now what do people think about this issue? Is the above conclusion true or false? Let us know more about your thoughts for us to discuss.

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