One Piece: The glorious victories of the ‘weak trio’ of the Straw Hat Pirates have been achieved so far

It is known that the pirate band Straw hat Named after Luffy’s distinctive signature as the straw hat I got from Red Hair Shanks. The whole team set out to bring in their own dreams and wills. However, they all have the common goal of finding the greatest treasure in the pirate world One Piece, and they all try to reach the end of their dreams.

There are currently 10 members from different lands in the New World, and each of them has different personality traits and strengths. So there will definitely be a difference in strength, and besides the trio that are considered the strongest by Luffy, Sanji and Zoro, there are also the weakest trio of ice. Nami, Usopp and Chopper.

However, you should remember that the wire is only comparing the strength of the members in the ice, and compared to other pirates, they are also strong warriors, opponents that many people fear.

Today let’s take a look at the glorious victories this trio has achieved.

first. Nami

One Piece The glorious victories of the weak trio of the Straw Hat Pirates have been achieved so far | Manga/Film

Nami is a good naval pilot Straw hat, carrying the dream of drawing an entire map of the world in One Piece. She has a knack for stealing and the ability to control the weather smoothly thanks to a Clima-Tact weather stick due to Usopp invented.

Before using weather sticks Nami often use Bo sticks to defend. However, because they were often overtaken by strong opponents throughout the journey, Nami Always rely on the help of other team members.

However, after 2 years of Timeskip, Nami seems to have made significant progress in both his physical ability and his Clima-Tact weather club skills.

And now she has achieved some remarkable achievements such as:

– Control Zeus to combine the weather of the ball to create a maximum lightning strike on Big Mom.

– Disable Cracker’s ability (making cookies seem like invincible), helping Luffy defeat 1 of the 3 Sweet Commanders of Tu Hoang.

– Subduing Zeus homie beside Tu Hoang.

– Use Coup de Burst to shoot Big Mom directly.

2. Usopp

One Piece The glorious victories of the weak trio of the Straw Hat Pirates have been achieved so far | Manga/Film

Usopp is the gunner of the ice Straw hat, he is the fourth member of the pirate crew and is wanted with a different name, Sogeking. Dream of Usopp is to become a mighty warrior of the sea.

Finance guillotine god Usopp then everyone knows it and everyone respects it. He is also a multi-talented, skillful in many different fields such as technology inventions, runs very fast and has extremely sharp eyes. Sniper ability of Usopp also enter the “have cheeks” number in One Piece. However, compared to the strength of the other members Usopp somewhat inferior, but he also has a number of achievements worthy of everyone in the ice to remember.

– 2 times the most dangerous defeat of the Doflamingo family is Sugar, freeing all slaves turned into toys, saving the whole kingdom and contributing to the formation of the fleet. Straw hat.

– Awaken haki to watch over Law and Luffy.

– Made “God” on the wanted poster.

3. Chopper

One Piece The glorious victories of the weak trio of the Straw Hat Pirates have been achieved so far | Manga/Film

Chopper is a talented doctor, having extensive knowledge of both food and medicine as well as manufacturing, creating rapid doses on ice vessels Straw hat. Chopper eat Rumble Ball to enlarge or turn into more powerful forms when fighting. In particular, he can also understand and communicate with both humans and animals.

Called the “pet” of ice the power of Chopper Very formidable again. After “biting” the drug, Chopper There are up to 7 different evolutionary shapes, with each one having a preeminent trait. And with a smart head Chopper Many times saved the group from danger.

Chopper have defeated many opponents and they are quite strong. Chopper have defeated Mr 4 and Miss Merry Christmas with Usopp Episode 130, Solo with Gedatsu on Heaven Island, Episode 172, Kumadori, Episode 290, Dosun, Episode 566 and many more battles.

– Most recently Chopper succeeded in fooling the Big Mom to follow him to Udon to save the captain, paving the way for the liberation of prisoners and rebellion in Wano.

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