One Piece: Sanji will probably play a pivotal role in the final battle at Wano

Since the moment of breaking up at Dressrosa to embark on the path of being his “prince” full of elegance and nobility, gradually fans have stopped calling him Sanji, but instead with “dear” names. love “more. It can be mentioned as “he sells Soba noodles”, “blonde”, “our brother”. Overall it’s no more than intended to be reminiscent of Sanji’s dark time at Whole Cake.

Most fans of the blonde with this unlucky fate are expecting Sanji to return stronger than ever in Arc Wano after receiving the great armor of Black An. However, based on the intentions that Oda has been “plugging in” from the beginning of Wano up to now, Sanji will probably play a very important role, deciding the success or failure of the whole battle, not simply one. normal battle full of eyes as usual.

Oda is silently hiding the Sanji card

Whether accidentally or on purpose. Oda seems to be trying to make Sanji look fuzzy in the eyes of the readers of the series. Despite the fact from the beginning of Wano up to now, Sanji has made no small contributions to the general war, but his performances are either cut off, or humiliated, making people accidentally take lightly. his feats from the beginning until now.

Sanji intercepted and helped the group escape Page One’s pursuit

After being told by Law to hide his identity, Sanji used the set of the Darkness to fight one-on-one with Page One. Unlike the battle between Zoro and Killer which was split between victories, Page One and Sanji’s battle was deliberately ignored by Oda and did not know the outcome of who won or lost. However, apparently Page One failed to identify and arrest Sanji since then the group appeared perfectly no matter what in Ebisu town. There Sanji was crying for Hyori’s fake death with the Black Box next to him. Even after that battle Sanji made Tobi Roppo wary because the X-Drake and Hawkins were very cautious when mentioning this name while chasing Nami at the public bathhouse.

One Piece Sanji will probably play a pivotal role in the final battle at Wano | Manga/Film

Sanji continues to save Nami, Robin and Shinobu from the pursuit of the two Supernovas

After escaping Page One’s pursuit, Sanji continued to contribute significantly to the state by saving Nami and his group from Xdrake and Hawkins’ pursuit. Though the reason for Sanji’s appearance at the bathhouse seemed coincidental and indecent. In addition to rescuing Nami and his group, Sanji overheard a plot to kidnap Bepo and his group in order to lure Law out. This is an indirect step that prompts X-Drake to free Law, then makes X-Drake become Luffy’s ally later on.

One Piece Sanji will probably play a pivotal role in the final battle at Wano | Manga/Film

Sanji continued his work to rescue Momonosuke and Shinobu

While Luffy confided in Yamato on the rooftop, Zoro was stuck with the Gifters, Sanji continued to shine once again, successfully saving Momonosuke and Shinobu from the hands of King, the strong character. number 2 in the Kaido tape. After that, despite taking a powerful blow from King to his stomach, Sanji still appeared deliciously beside his teammates in the photo showing the group.

It could be said that without Sanji, Momo and Shinobu would most likely have died at the hands of the King. If this becomes true, it will be a fatal blow to the spirit of the Nine Hong Bao group when fighting Kaido on the roof of Devil Island. However, this feat was more or less forgotten because people only seem to notice the reason why Sanji disappeared and then reappeared because the man was leaving Nami alone to find the prostitutes in Wano.

One Piece Sanji will probably play a pivotal role in the final battle at Wano | Manga/Film

Sanji seems to have two identities in Wano

Sangoro and the Soba Mask, two of Sanji’s identities that are cleverly concealed in Wano. X-Drake realizes the two are one, but this chapter has become Luffy’s ally. Hawkins seems to have discovered this, too, but his stubborn nature and preference for his way of life make Hawkins unusual. Which leads Hawkins for some reason not to say this to keep it his own way of life is also very possible.

Also, this is not the first time Oda has had a two-person performance in the series. Sanji and Mr. Price, Usopp and Sogeking. We still cannot predict what these two different identities will help Sanji play in Wano. However, I believe that Oda accidentally or intentionally conceals another Sanji’s identity is not just for fun.

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