One Piece: Revealing Sube Sube no Mi’s true form – the devil fruit helped Alvida from ‘owl’ to ‘fairy’

In the world of One Piece, there are so many characters with strange Devil Fruit powers that you will be surprised by their features. One of them helps the user “pretty” up each gastimet.

And the Sube Sube no Mi is one Devil fruit As such, this is a Paramecia-type fruit that allows the wearer’s body to become slippery, thereby making them almost completely immune to physical attacks because anything hitting them will fail. go. Not only that, the person who possesses this ability will also have a naturally smooth … smooth skin.

As for Alvida, if one is overweight, it is due to capacity Devil fruit This she has become slimmer by “losing fat” excess. And take a look Alvida’s current appearance, she deserves a foot in the list of the most beautiful characters of the series. The only thing we should know is that current beauty is just the fabric Alvida gets when she eats Devil fruit Sube Sube No Mi only.

Recently the true form of Devil fruit This was revealed, making many fans extremely excited. It has a circular shape with spiral patterns around it. It stands out with a pretty eye-catching chalk pink color, especially with its “smooth” appearance. Even many people commented that it is soft, shiny like … a baby’s butt.

One Piece Revealing Sube Sube no Mi s true form the devil fruit helped Alvida from owl to fairy | Manga/Film

How do you feel about shaping Devil fruit hey, it’s quite suitable for my “beauty” ability, right? How many people wish there was Devil fruit this special?

Here is some other information about the Sube Sube No Mi that we should know before we want to get this fruit!

• This fruit makes the user immune to weapon attacks or manual combat, as those attacks will slip away from their bodies.

• As a side effect of the fruit’s strength, all of the eater’s excess fat “slips out”, giving them a slim figure. Even so, the user seems to retain full power, as Alvida can still wield her iron with ease.

• Although the power of fruits literally leaves the user inaccessible, they can still be affected by certain aspects. For example, Smoker was able to restrain Alvida, along with Buggy and his crew, by summoning smoke around them with force. Devil fruit his. Though her strength shifts to clothing, she appears to be entangled if she wears shoes while wearing skates and instead uses the slippery leather on the soles of her bare feet. She also requested a ramp to gain the motivation to skate.

• Besides, they are still affected by weaknesses Devil fruit standard.

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