One Piece Prediction Chapter 969: Will the Emperor Kaido appear against Oden?

One Piece Chapter 968 came out with a lot of interesting information that made the fans curious. Perhaps before the Oden flashback will end, we will will soon see a confrontation between Oden and Kaido in Wano.

Let’s predict what might happen in One Piece chapter 969 below!

1. Cover story: Start a rage?

In the cover story of One Piece 968, we see Chiffon, she was captured by the Navy. What happens after that Bege’s reaction? According to what was shown in the cover story, It seems Bege still doesn’t know his wife, considering that only Gotti is chasing the Navy.

So predict One Piece 969’s cover story might be Bege running wildly chasing the Navy. The second possibility? If Lola was still in Dressrosa, she might have been waiting for the news and wanted to help her twin sister.

2. Orochi’s Devil Fruit appears?

One Piece Prediction Chapter 969 Will the Emperor Kaido appear against Oden | Manga/Film

When Orochi started being appointed temporarily Shogun Wano, he didn’t seem to have eaten his legendary Zoan Devil Fruit. Besides, there was no sign that Kaido was with Orochi in the palace in Hoa Do. So what made Orochi survive Oden’s impending attack?

As many predicted, we will see Orochi “unleash” the power of the Devil Fruit in One Piece 969. If so, then Orochi’s Devil Fruit might be strong enough for him to withstand Oden’s attacks.

Earlier, in One Piece chapter 932, we have admired the shape of the Zoan Devil Fruit of General Orochi. It is a giant snake with up to 8 heads that many people are bewildered.

3. Oden vs Kaido? The Enma Sword in action!

One Piece Prediction Chapter 969 Will the Emperor Kaido appear against Oden | Manga/Film

Of course, no one could believe that Orochi with the power of the Devil Fruit could defeat Oden. But because as expected, Oden will be defeated and put to death, so It’s possible that Kaido will appear and fight Oden.

As such, One Piece chapter 969 can show the viewer how Oden injured Kaido with his Enma sword. However, it is likely that it will not be a long battle but only Oda will pass.

4. What is Oden’s fate in 5 years?

One Piece Prediction Chapter 969 Will the Emperor Kaido appear against Oden | Manga/Film

Remember, Oden’s incident in Wano happened 25 years ago, while Oden’s death was only 20 years ago. It mean, The time lasted for 5 years while Orochi remained in power and Oden could do nothing to oppose the Government of the General Orochi!

So what was Oden’s fate in those 5 years? As predicted by One Piece chapter 969, we will see how Oden survived those 5 years. It is possible that Oden will be imprisoned until he is put to death.

After reading this article, what percentage of your prediction about One Piece 969 will almost come true? Please share your opinion!

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