One Piece: Out of staff, these are the characters Shanks saved

Tu Hoang Shanks is a character of importance and role in the world One Piece. And of course, Shanks is not a bad person. So far, he has been repeatedly shown to be willing to help the characters in danger, not even sparing to sacrifice himself.

As of this moment, who are the people saved by Shanks, listed below!

1. Monkey D. Luffy

Initially, when he met the boy Luffy in Foosha village, Shanks did not take Luffy seriously because he was just a kid, so he often teased Luffy’s dream of becoming a pirate and called him “Anchor”. . However, when Luffy dared to stand up against Higuma for insulting Shanks and declaring that he would surpass him, Shanks began to notice Luffy and realize his potential.

With the belief that Luffy will open a new era of pirates, Shanks has to sacrifice his left wing to save Luffy from dying from a Sea King ten years ago. Shanks also gave the legendary straw hat inherited from his former captain – Pirate King Gold D. Roger for Luffy with the promise to meet the boy one day when they both stand at the top of the pirate world. Ever since then, Mihawk has no interest in fighting with Shanks ever since he lost his left arm.

2. Koby

One Piece Out of staff these are the characters Shanks saved | Manga/Film

Koby almost died under Akainu’s lava fist at Marineford. Luckily at that time Shanks appeared in time, blocking Akainu’s punch. Not even a single magma hit Shanks and Koby. Interestingly, although Akainu is the type of person who can’t easily be used again, after being stopped by Shanks, he doesn’t try to attack Koby anymore. It seems the Navy admiral is also wary of Shanks’ strength.

3. Marco and the Whitebeard crew members

One Piece Out of staff these are the characters Shanks saved | Manga/Film

Marco and the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates suffered heavy losses at the hands of the Marines, when they failed to save Ace and the Whitebeard Captain’s sacrifice. If the war continues, it seems that the rest of the Whitebeard Pirates will be slaughtered, although the Marines will also suffer a few casualties. With Shanks coming to Marineford and stopping the fight, Marco and the Whitebeard Pirates were able to retreat without further damage. They can even bring Whitebeard and Ace’s bodies to proper burial.

4. Buggy

One Piece Out of staff these are the characters Shanks saved | Manga/Film

Buggy and Shanks have been on the Roger ship since they were kids, so they went through a lot of things together. In the past while on the Oro Jackson ship, Buggy wanted to steal the Bara Bara No Mi and sell it for money. However, Buggy was surprised by Shanks, so he had to hide the Devil Fruit in his mouth, and before he released it, Shanks surprised him again and again he swallowed the Devil Fruit.

Since then he has permanently lost the ability to swim and the opportunity to take treasure under the sea. This has created an unforgettable hatred deep inside Buggy. Buggy was even drowned when he tried to save his treasure map, fortunately he was saved by Shanks.

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