One Piece: Oden exchanged terms with Kaido, stalking into the boiling oil

Two weeks ago, One Piece Chapter 970: A Glimpse of the Moment! Oden Use twin swords to inflict injuries on Kaido dragons. And after a week of absence without a new chapter, fans are eager to know what happens after Oden and the Nine Commentaries are defeated and imprisoned.

Now, the latest information about One Piece chapter 971 has been leaked, and quite broke in this article!

Firstly, One Piece chapter 971 will have the title “Death to boil. “The story of the foe continues to tell about the pirate crew Fire Tank, Gotti is now crossing the city to save Chiffon.

In our main story, we see the appearance of the obnoxious Shogun Orochi. Although he got it wrong when he said it that the wrong person is his grandfather, but people drag the gangs to say justice and justice to pursue and kill his whole family is not right.

At the same time, Shinobu angrily revealed the reason why Oden had to be naked, dancing like a crazy man in the middle of the street, despite being despised as “the dancing king” by Oden, Oden still did so for 5 years. It turned out that Oden had given up all his pride and honor, accepting nude dancing because he wanted to rescuing the captives, when storming into Orochi’s castle, Oden saw them and couldn’t turn a blind eye. Condition is Once he dances naked, he will save 100 lives.

One Piece Oden exchanged terms with Kaido stalking into the boiling oil | Manga/Film

And the story of What about the promise of Kaido and Orochi to Oden? They made a deal that if the boat Kaido was building, they would all leave Wano in 5 years. Our upright, innocent Oden believed it, believed the bluffers, blatantly lied without any suspicion.

One Piece Oden exchanged terms with Kaido stalking into the boiling oil | Manga/Film

After being imprisoned, Oden begged Kaidou that he wanted another opportunity, he had to live, unable to die now. Kaidou sets out conditions for Oden, if he can withstand 60 minutes, he will forgive the survivors. Orochi was angry because something was unknown.

Seeing that, Oden stepped into the boiling cauldron, the Nine-Tailed Demon also attempted to jump in with their master, but Oden stopped them. The end of this chapter is the scene Oden carried the board with the others standing on it, he wanted to protect his entourage. 5 minutes passed … Of course, Oden is not dead, but as to how to continue to wait for next week chapter.

Finally, there’s still a new chapter next week.

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