One Piece: Kuina is the ‘queen’ of Wano Kingdom, is her death related to Kaido?

Surely a lot of people throughout the time have felt depressed, disappointed or even doubtful about the death of Kuina’s character. This is Zoro’s extremely important childhood friend, yet Saint Oda describes her falling down the stairs and dying. This is truly an extremely “oblivious” death, a reason enough to make people suspicious.

And recently some information given that Kuina is the descendant of the clan Shimotsuki in Wano. It is this that makes many people doubt about Kuina’s true death, whether it is related to Kaido– Who is in power in Wano Country?

I don’t know how things work out but let’s find out together.

Kuina is a descendant of the clan Shimotsuki in Wano

In the question and answer corner of the newly released Episode One Piece, one reader asked author Eiichiro Oda about the characters that carry them. Shimotsuki are Yasuie, Ryuma, Kouzaburou, Ushimaru, and the village Shimotsuki Where did Zoro grow up, and did the people related to Koushirou (see Zoro) relate to them? Especially, Zoro also knows how to say “Sunacchi (Snatch)”, the ancient language of the Kuri region in Wano National. And Oda agreed to explain this.

Shimotsuki Kouzaburou was a blacksmith and also a master swordsman, he was the one who forged Oma’s Enma sword and Zoro’s Wado Ichimonji. These two bars are currently in the top 21 of the world’s second-ranked swords.

– 55 years ago, after handing back Enma to Oden Shimotsuki Kouzaburou has left his homeland and set sail. The great adventure of the samurai from this Wano Country led them to a land somewhere in the far East Blue.

– Here they took action to save the people there from the bandits. During his stay there, he taught swordsmanship to the villagers when a love affair was budding. Shimotsuki Kozaburo decided to make a complete stop in this land and together with others set up a village called Shimotsuki.

– Then his son named Koushirou was born, time passed and then his granddaughter Kunia was born. Koushiro is a teacher and Kuina is Zoro’s neighbor from the village kendo school as we know it.

– The old man in the village that Zoro once mentioned is Shimotsuki Kouzaburou of Wano Country. Story about the founder of the village Shimotsuki Zoro is like that.

– Oda also said that Zoro might be a descendant of the family Shimotsuki Wano or maybe not, who knows.

Kuina’s death is related Kaido

One Piece Kuina is the queen of Wano Kingdom is her death related to Kaido | Manga/Film

According to the above explanation of the author Oda, Kuina is a descendant of Wano nation. Not only that, her family has a direct connection to the legendary swords here and has a special link to Shimotsuki Kouzaburo who fled the Wano Nation 50 years ago. So maybe her death still has a lot of convulsions, not simply a fall of stairs, but death as we know it.

Think about it. Kuina might have been murdered by hunters and exterminated remnants of her family. Shimotsuki. It is also very reasonable to see that after Orochi and Kaido When they came to power in Wano, they launched a raid on members of this clan.

And Kuina may have been the victim of this hunt, her murderer may have witnessed her encounter with Wado Ichimonji and thus discovered Kuina was a descendant of Shimotsuki. We know that this family has a tradition of giving swords to their descendants from birth, which explains why Kuina has had a Meito since she was a child. However, because of her family being hunted, Kuina’s father and family had to hide the truth and set up a myth about her death to protect everyone.

Read here how do you feel? Does the death of Zoro’s “slender bamboo” are related to this Yonkou or not? If this is true then surely in the upcoming great battle Zoro will not ignore the opportunity to behead this Dragon.

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