One Piece: Kaido and 5 ‘super strong’ enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel

Luffy is the main character from the cult manga / anime One Piece. In addition to the family terrible standard “descendants and grandchildren”, he was also favored by the author for possessing formidable powers and close friends ready to give birth.

And thought that fate is “main” sponsored by the author Luffy will never be “eaten”. But the truth is not so, during the journey of the Straw Hats there have been six terrible failures, despite these wars taking place in extremely fair conditions.

Today let’s take a look at 6 bloody characters who once had the opportunity to “sell onions” for our protagonist. Look here we see the level of Luffy still “very young and green”.

1. Smoker

The White Hunter Smoker is a Navy officer and based on the action towards Luffy In Loguetown, Smoker is considered the main antagonist in Arc Loguetown.

Smoker is a formidable warrior, because with the strength and power of the Devil Fruit Moku Moku no Mi, most Marines are second to none. Throughout his life, Smoker has always had a strong desire to catch Luffy because according to Straw Hat is a potential danger for the whole world.

And in Loguetown when Luffy In the face of Smoker, he has completely failed. In the manga though at that time Luffy also gets the support of Sanji but it seems like all his punches are useless. And Smoker would have almost caught him without the appearance of Monkey D. Dragon – Revolutionary and also the father of Luffy.

2. Crocodile

One Piece Kaido and 5 super strong enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel | Manga/Film

Crocodile is also known by the alias Mr.0 as the head of the Baroque organization, and he is also a member of the Shichibukai. Not only that, Crocodile was also the first person to ever fight Luffy and made him “eat onions” properly.

Crocodile possesses the esper powers of the Suna Suna no Mi, a Logia-type Devil Fruit that allows eaters to transform into sand and use sand power. In battle with Luffy, Crocodile has shown strength and outstanding proficiency, making Luffy lost twice

Mr. Crocodile has drained the water out of people Luffy leaving him in a state of “near the sky far away”. But fortunately for Luffy with Robin’s help and thanks to Crocodile’s subjectivity, his life was preserved.

3. Aokiji

One Piece Kaido and 5 super strong enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel | Manga/Film

He was once one of the three assassins of the Navy, but Aokiji is known as the most merciful of the 3 Admirals. He had clashed Luffy at the time before the Straw Hats came to Water Seven. And this really is a battle that is only on one side.

With his hegemony power, Aokiji easily defeated the most powerful trio of ice Luffy, Rozo and Sanji. The highest point is after Luffy unfinished his “rocky ponies” challenging him to a duel with Aokiji, he knew what a disastrous defeat.

With just one hit of Ice Time, our Admiral froze Luffy and finish the match with an absolute victory. However, he later pardoned him for only one reason Luffy used to take down Crocodile.

4. Magellan

One Piece Kaido and 5 super strong enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel | Manga/Film

Magellan is the prison guard of the infamous Impel Down prison. He is also the owner of a very powerful technique that can turn his body into a type of poison toxin by the Doku Doku no Mi.

Magellan’s famous move, which every Impel Down prisoner must know about is Hydra – a technique with the shape of three dragons made of liquid poison, causing death, paralysis, and melting. multiply at the same time.

Magellan has encountered in the past Luffy and with tremendous power on him he was completely defeated Luffy, then threw him into the 5th floor prison, because he thought Luffy It is impossible to live longer than 24 hours.

If not for Bon Clay despite his own life to rescue Luffy and took him to Ivankov for timely treatment, the “small network” of Luffy could not keep.

5. Bartholomew Kuma

One Piece Kaido and 5 super strong enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel | Manga/Film

Actually this was not a real fight because at the moment Kuma only wanted to help the Straw Hats become stronger, and at the same time help them escape from Sabaody. But what he showed showed Kuma’s remarkable strength, as compared to him Luffy Just like shrimp.

As a powerful Shichibukai he is one of the few people to completely defeat the entire Straw Hat Pirates. Especially Luffy Even though he tried to attack Kuma with Gear 2, his efforts were futile. Later, thanks to the special properties of the devil Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, Kuma “removed” the Straw Hat members one after another.

6. Kaido

One Piece Kaido and 5 super strong enemies that once defeated Luffy in a duel | Manga/Film

Kaido-who is known as the most powerful creature in the world, possesses the power of cattle and buffalo and the ability to “transform Dragon” extremely powerful. So that Luffy dare to declare war on this powerful Tu Hoang.

In the first match against Kaido, Luffy used the most dangerous techniques in his strongest state but still could not make Kaido unharmed.

Even then it was counterattacked and with only one blow Kaido made it Luffy fainting on the spot, lying flat on one corner. Later he was also sent to a labor camp.

And now, despite being able to escape from the dungeon and learn high-level armed haki, the technique could overcome an opponent’s physical defense. But the way to Luffy Winning Kaido is still far away, and in this battle you will definitely need a lot of help from the outside.

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