One Piece: Isn’t Zoro, his beautiful harem, the one with the power to ‘awaken’ Enma?

Currently in One Piece, the battle between Roronoa Zoro and King is still ongoing. This battle is one of the most awaited by fans, as both are characters possessing tremendous strength and are talented swordsmen.

However, recently an interesting thing happened in the middle of the fight, the Enma sword that Zoro was using showed a strange reaction. Specifically, in the spoiler of chapter 1032, when Zoro heard the sound of a shamisen playing from afar, Enma “felt” something. This means that Enma’s ability may have been “awakened”, or that Enma’s power has not been fully utilized all this time, until the sound of the shamisen was heard.

As we all know, Enma is one of Kozuki Oden’s swords beside Ame no Habakiri. This sword is always carried by Oden wherever he goes. In fact, these two swords are the only weapons known to be capable of injuring Kaido’s “unbreakable spear” body. Unfortunately, Oden was later executed by Orochi and Kaido, so he left his two swords to his two children.

The sword Ame no Habakiri was passed to Momonosuke, while Enma was given to Hiyori. Because Momonosuke still did not have good sword skills, Ame no Habakiri was eventually assigned to Tenguyama Hitetsu. Meanwhile, Enma was later given to Zoro as a form of exchange for Shusui’s sword which was Wano’s treasure. Tenguyama himself says that Enma is a very difficult sword to handle. In addition, this sword will also absorb Haki or energy of the user. And only Oden is known to have the ability to control the sword. Even so, Zoro later proved that he was also capable of wielding the sword.

One Piece Isn t Zoro his beautiful harem the one with the power to awaken Enma | GameK

This was demonstrated in the battle at Onigashima, where Zoro was able to defeat many enemies. And most impressive is when Zoro tries to injure Kaido with the Asura technique, which is coated with Haki Ruler. But Zoro himself also realizes that the power and potential of the Enma sword has not been fully unleashed.

Before that, many fans believed that Zoro would be able to bring out Enma’s full potential in this battle at Onigashima. However, based on what’s going on, it doesn’t seem like Zoro but a mysterious figure believed to be Kozuki Hiyori using the shamisen’s sonic powers will bring out Enma’s greatest potential.

Although now why Enma’s sword reacts strangely when Zoro hears the sound of shamisen is still a mystery. Is it because Enma comes from Wano, where there is a lot of tradition? Or is it due to other factors? There are several theories that arise in this matter that we need to know.

One Piece Isn t Zoro his beautiful harem the one with the power to awaken Enma | GameK

The first theory is that Hiyori is someone who knows how to use and control Enma’s sword. It is possible that Kozuki Oden said this when Hiyori was young, before he was executed. But for some reason she had to keep it a secret until now.

Another theory is that this is Kozuki Hiyori’s “power” – coming from a Devil Fruit or some other power. As introduced, Kozuki Hiyori is depicted as a weak character. However, it is possible that behind that appearance, she has a secret power. After all, we don’t know what happened to Hiyori in the past 20 years before Luffy showed up in Wano other than she lived under the name Komurasaki, working as an Oiran.

And what’s interesting is that in Oden’s flashback, it shows Hiyori playing shamisen and learning it from a young age. Maybe through this chapter we will see Hiyori’s true power.

Reading this far, what do you think about this matter, is it Zoro or Hiyori who really awakened Enma’s power? Let us know what you think so we can discuss!

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