One Piece: Is the origin of Kaido’s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom?

In recent chapters, fans One Piece was extremely excited when all the secrets related to Kaido began to be revealed. As a Yonko, Kaido is among the four most powerful and powerful pirates. He is known as “the world’s most powerful creature” with hegemony and immortal powers.

Not only that, what makes Kaido the most dangerous is his ability to “turn Dragon”. When he turned dragon, Kaido became so powerful that he could blow an entire castle with a single breath. Because of this tremendous power, that there are many rumors about identity and Devil fruit your.

Recently the last Devil fruit Kaido has been revealed, it is a Zoan fruit of the mythical strain named Uo Uo no Mi (“uo uo” means fish). And many also realize it has some strange similarities with the legend behind the Pokemon’s Gyarados.

First of all, we need to make it clear that Kaido is not a type of Pokemon Bay but just that the story of the Yonko has undeniable similarities with the legend behind the famous evolution of this Pokemon.

One Piece Is the origin of Kaido s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom | GameK

We also see that every dangerous pirate in One Piece has a special beginning, and Kaido’s story is no exception. Chapter 999 Devil fruit that Big Mom gave to Kaido many years ago may be related to “Fish”. The ability of Devil fruit This is still being explored, and there are only minor hints as to how important it is for Kaido to come to power so far. Because as we saw before eating Devil fruit Uo Uo no Mi, Kaido is probably just a small soldier in the Rocks. After acquiring it, Kaido gradually became immortal and famous.

There have been many comments that Devil fruit Kaido’s may be based on the Japanese legend of a famous carp that turned into a dragon. Legend has it that the carp struggled to swim up a dangerous waterfall, and after it completed its mission, the gods reward the creature by turning it into a mighty dragon.

Author Eiichiro Oda is known for its inspiration from various legends, so this resemblance to Kaido comes as no surprise. But now let’s take a closer look at the little details of the legend and see how it can be related to this powerful Yonko.

Kaido’s Fish-Dragon Transformation

One Piece Is the origin of Kaido s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom | GameK

Kaido can transform into a great Dragon through Devil fruit Uo Uo no Mi. As we all know common sense, Devil fruit Named after the abilities it offers to its users, but in this case Kaido’s transformation is unlike anything its name suggests.

So let us think further as Kaido may have awakened Devil fruit His “fish” then turned into “Dragon” as we saw it. We also know our mysterious but terrifying power Devil fruit it is “Awakening”. This is an outstanding upgrade for users, giving them “powerful” abilities, much more terrible than the original power.

Fish Scales Tattoo Of Kaido

One Piece Is the origin of Kaido s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom | GameK

Next let’s note Kaido’s tattoo on his left arm resembles the scales of a fish, and in the color version they are yellow matching the color of a carp or koi. And if you pay attention, the contrast in the color scheme between the orange and blue in Kaido’s form is very similar to the color scheme of Magikarp and Gyarados.

Besides, when Kaido transforms into dragon form, he still wears the golden tattoo. The coloration between his tattoo and dragon scales may symbolize Kaido’s origin that he was originally a pirate much weaker than his current powers. Like being just a normal fish Pokemon Magikarp later evolved into a powerful Dragon Gyarados.

The Beginning Of Kaido

One Piece Is the origin of Kaido s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom | GameK

Another hint at this evolutionary legend is when Big Mom mentions the day she saved Kaido by giving him Devil fruit Fish. In the time of the Rocks Pirates, Kaido was just an apprentice, meaning he was one of the weaker members than Whitebeard, Charlotte Big Mom …

Big Mom even saw Kaido as a little brother, as if to say that at the time he was just a mere, weak child in need of protection.

Like the evolution of Pokemon, Linlin initially has a lot more power than Kaido, however after acquiring Devil fruit and evolved, he became as strong as now.

Kaido can fly and spit fire

One Piece Is the origin of Kaido s Devil Fruit related to the Gyarados legend of Pokemom | GameK

In the end, Kaido is able to fly and lift objects with his ability, even spewing fire from above. The ferocious carp swimming up the waterfall beyond a dance can be indicated by a cloud of flames. This is also quite similar to the image of Pokemon evolving, having to go through difficulties and then transform into adults.

Reading now what people think about this problem, must admit that each relationship between Devil fruit Kaido’s evolution with the evolution of Pokemon Gyarados has quite a few similarities, right. Did Saint Oda rely on this legend to power Kaido? Let us know more about your thoughts for us to discuss.

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