One Piece: Introduced magnificently by Oda, but now Tobi Roppo also starts playing ‘haki comedy’

Since appearing, Oda has spent a lot of time as well as information related to 6 members of the group Tobi Roppo (Flying Six). These are all pirates with their own strength, strength and calculation. Even Sasaki and Who Who along with X-Drake used to be the captain of a famous pirate crew in the New World. Kaido also takes these 6 members very seriously and wants to introduce the group to Big Mom.

Even the Fire King borrowed Kaido’s reputation to summon Tobi Roppo to Devil’s Island because there were people in this group who wouldn’t listen to him. Tobi Roppo agreed with Kaido’s request to find Yamato and in return they will have the opportunity to compete and replace one of the three Okaban positions in the Tailed Beast.

The group Tobi Roppo was introduced quite majestic and ambitious

It was a grand introduction, but it seems that Oda has started to let the members of Tobi Roppo start to “stand up”. Who Who wants to “fight” with the Plague Queen when he realizes this Okaban wants to mess with him. Meanwhile, Sasaki, the other seemingly dangerous member who wants to sit in Okaban’s position, was easily tricked by one of the Nine Red Bao, Denjiro, to capture and bind and handcuff him with seacuffs.

One Piece Introduced magnificently by Oda but now Tobi Roppo also starts playing haki comedy | Manga/Film

Sasaki is easily fooled by Denjiro and held back by seacuffs

Black Maria, female member of Tobi Roppo instead of looking for Yamato to stay and seems to want to “get close” to Kaido. As for X-Drake, of course this is an opportunity for the “lieutenant” of the Navy to find a way to report the situation in Wano to the headquarters. If you look at it, you can see that 4 of the 6 members of Tobi Roppo do not seem to contribute anything to the Animal Zoo, or even step on each other by Who Who will confront the plague Queen.

One Piece Introduced magnificently by Oda but now Tobi Roppo also starts playing haki comedy | Manga/Film

Who Who instead of looking for Yamato wants to confront the plague Queen

The remaining two members of the group, the Ulti sisters and Page One, are standing in front of Luffy’s “haki harem”. While the two sisters were joking, Luffy suddenly appeared. With the scene between Ulti and Luffy, it seems that the eyes of the Luffy guy have met the eyes of his sister Ulti. Ulti has the potential to join Luffy’s harem. With her personality, it seems that she will like and be attracted to the “young” boy Luffy Straw Hat. And if this happens, Page One will be reluctant to follow suit and protect his sister.

One Piece Introduced magnificently by Oda but now Tobi Roppo also starts playing haki comedy | Manga/Film

The Ulti sisters and Page One are likely to betray in the chapters until Ulti has a crush on Luffy

Thus, in just a few short chapters, in the end, the 6 members of Tobi Roppo went to fight with people in the encyclopedia, some were captured and deceived easily. There are even people who don’t even look for Yamato and stay happy with Kaido. And the Util and Page One sisters are more likely to join the supporters’ group Luffy.

What do you think about the role of this Tobi Roppo group in the Wano war. Feel free to leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the post!

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