One Piece Hypothesis: Is Yamato a ‘product’ of Kaido and Black Maria, a member of Tobi Roppo?

In chapter 982, the first images show that Black Maria, a member of Tobi Roppo, did not go to look for Yamato to have the opportunity to dispute Okaban’s position but this long-legged woman came to her room. Kaido and Orochi is drinking. Black Maria does not seem to be interested in the position of Okaban, what this woman wants is the opportunity to be “close” to Kaido. Could Black Maria have fallen in love with the viceroy of the encyclopedia?

Black Maria decided to stay with Kaido in chapter 982

So the question is whether Black Maria is Yamato’s mother, Kaido’s missing son? In terms of character creation, Black Maria is a tall girl with a long-legged appearance. Despite being tall, Black Maria is very beautiful, she appears in a traditional Kimono of Wano. There is also the theory that Black Maria is a lost son of Gloriosa in Amazon Lily Island. This is based on the fact that Black Maria is similar in appearance to Queen Boa Hancock and the members of Amazon Lily Island.

One Piece Hypothesis Is Yamato a product of Kaido and Black Maria a member of Tobi Roppo | Manga/Film

Is Yamato a “product” of Black Maria and Kaido?

So it is likely that Yamato is the product of the kings of Kaido and Black Maria, and the fact that this female character is in the Tobi Roppo group is to have many opportunities to meet and the person she loves, the grumpy Kaido and somewhat rude. This theory will cause the theory of Yamato to be the son of Kaido and a normal girl in Wano to be broken. However, Black Maria is also a person who seems to have lived in Wano for a long time. The question we are wondering is that Yamato is the son of Black Maria and Kaido so why don’t the other members of the Beast Academy know this information? Ever since the first appearances, Black Maria has never mentioned her relationship with the four Kaido kings.

One Piece Hypothesis Is Yamato a product of Kaido and Black Maria a member of Tobi Roppo | Manga/Film

Black Maria has a very beautiful face

For an arc Wano There were so many unexpected things going on, the fact that Black Maria has somewhat intimate and “close” gestures with Kaido does not necessarily stem from her love. Maybe she is related to this snake who is making some conspiracy with Kaido himself. The party at Kaido Castle is approaching its climax, and perhaps at that crucial moment, Black Maria will take unexpected actions to change the battle situation on Devil’s Island.

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