One Piece: Has there been an explanation for Blackbeard acquiring Whitebeard’s Devil Fruit powers, is it related to Big Mom?

Current quantity Devil fruit has appeared in One Piece up to more than 100 different types, each with a mysterious and powerful ability in combat. It is the source of strength of the most “terrible” characters in the pirate world such as the Navy Admirals, That Vu Hai, the Tu Hoang …

Appearance, Devil fruit comes in all shapes and colors, but in general all have swirl patterns or patterns. They are extremely difficult to eat, their taste is so unpleasant that it makes eateries think being poisoned. Just tasting one piece, the eater will be given demonic powers and each fruit has its own special powers.

And from the very beginning the author Oda has set up very clear rules about how’s works Devil fruit. That is to have the power Devil fruit then the possessor loses the ability to swim, becomes weak if he touches the Sea stone and if the devil eats the second fruit they will die.

However, there is one stone character who breaks this rule, Blackbeard. He is the only person up to now to possess 2 Devil fruit are Yami Yami no Mi and Gura Gura no Mi.

It is well known that Blackbeard obtained the Yami Yami after he stole it from Thatch and killed him. But the fact that he got the second fruit after killing Whitebeard is still a mystery that many people are curious about.

One Piece Has there been an explanation for Blackbeard acquiring Whitebeard s Devil Fruit powers is it related to Big Mom | Manga/Film

And recently, a very reasonable explanation of this issue has spread among the fan community and has attracted a lot of attention. Let’s discuss how it is like today.

As we also know, after Whitebeard last confronted Blackbeard and his newly formed Impel Down prison crew, the man considered the world’s most powerful breathed his last. Taking advantage of that situation, the vile pirates put a towel on Whitebeard for Blackbeard to enter.

When he stepped out, Blackbeard possessed the power of magnetism Devil fruit Whitebeard Gura Gura. And since then he officially owned 2 Devil fruit.

One Piece Has there been an explanation for Blackbeard acquiring Whitebeard s Devil Fruit powers is it related to Big Mom | Manga/Film

To clarify how Blackbeard did we reiterate that one rule is if the person eats Devil fruit If you die, the fruit will reappear somewhere in the world. There can never be more than one Devil fruit with the same power or the same user.

However, there was a special case of this before that Charlotte Linlin, also known as the Big Mim, had the power. Devil fruit in an unusually similar way. It all started from where she grew up in Elbaf, home of the Trolls, in an orphanage run by Sister Caramel.

In chapter 867, after an incident they had to leave Elbaf, the orphanage celebrated Linlin’s 6th birthday with a happy tea party. At this point, Linlin accidentally devoured everything, including his adoptive mother Caramel. It is worth mentioning here that the Big Mom soon acquired the Soru Soru no Mi power and thereby gave her the ability to manipulate the souls of creatures.

One Piece Has there been an explanation for Blackbeard acquiring Whitebeard s Devil Fruit powers is it related to Big Mom | Manga/Film

This is truly a horrible thing, but Linlin must have swallowed up a human being and that is how she acquired the power of Carmel mother. And in this case we can understand that one can have the power of the user Devil fruit by eating them or a part of their body.

From these we can explain how Blackbeard stole his powers Devil fruit of Whitebeard by eating a part of his body or at least part of his offal. That is why he must use a large black canvas to cover him and Whitebeard’s corpse to get the darkness completely over the two and execute his schemes. Sounds cruel, doesn’t it? However, with Blackbeard’s evil nature, he can completely do this.

Reading until now, what do people think about this issue, quite confused, right? However, this is just a hypothesis from the fans so everyone just read it for reference!

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