One Piece: Facebook launched a new ‘love’ emoticon, fans still didn’t forget Sanji’s ‘kha’

Sanji – Even the coolest moment is still “chewed”

It is the feeling of Sanji fans to witness their idol incarnate in a funny way to Facebook’s new emoticon. One Sanji “cool” in the Raid Suit extremely dangerous. A Soba noodle salesman who used this new transformation weapon “fed onions” to Page One, one of the six members of the Flying Six.

Sanji is “too injured” to hug his new transformation

But the moment of monumental appearance, the powerful moves in that Raid Suit suit has been transformed into a funny and funny icon by many viewers. There’s no mistake that Sanji has a transformation outfit in his hand and his characteristic blonde hair is unmistakable for anyone. Immediately his fans “Hotel” proved extremely annoyed that whenever something went wrong, their Idol was pulled out to become a suitable character with the “injured” emoticon.

Trauma troll is not enough, the audience also thinks that Sanji will be injured after Wano arc

Perhaps, in the Straw Hat Pirates, Sanji is the most kind, smartest, most polite guy, the best cook, but somehow he gets the most troll fans. Not stopping at the level of transplanting his “cool” transformation image into the emoticon hurting the audience but “so vicious” that the blonde guy will “bring injury” after the end of Arc Wano.

One Piece Facebook launched a new love emoticon fans still didn t forget Sanji s kha | Manga/Film

Sanji symbol “Disabled” after Wano arc

In the same fate with our Hotel, Trafalgar Law also suffered trolls from the audience. A “cool” Law, cold and dangerous suddenly turns into a gentle guy, or angry and slim in a long legs.

One Piece Facebook launched a new love emoticon fans still didn t forget Sanji s kha | Manga/Film

A cool Shichibukai Trafalgar Law has also been trolled after alliances with the “rubber brain” Luffy too much

It is true that playing with main is almost like main. Not only the “comedy”, losing his coolness, politeness, but Trafalgar Law and especially Sanji is also extremely strong “fan” of coffee at anytime, anywhere.

Will this Wano arc, our Sanji, get a little bit more favor from Oda to avoid the fate of “stepchildren” when One Piece is going to the end of the series? The answer will be in later chapters. What do you think about our blonde-haired Sanji when he was once tragically trolled by fans, please leave your comments by commenting on the bottom of the article.

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