One Piece: Did you know that Zoro in Enma’s hand is weaker than Zoro himself when holding the Thu Thuy stick?

In One Piece In chapter 1001, Zoro and Killer had a pretty good Kaido attack together. However, the combination of the two didn’t even break Kaido’s defense. After that attack, Zoro expressed regret and told himself that he needed to use more of Enma’s powers. This made many fans mistakenly think that Zoro was not strong enough to use Enma’s full strength. However in reality, whenever Zoro receives a new weapon, he always needs to get used to using it. He is unable to bring into full play a weapon’s combat capabilities on the first use of a sword to fight an opponent. We can review several times Zoro swaps swords as follows:

Zoro complains after first using the Third Kitesu and Thu Thuy

When he first used the Third Kitetsu, Zoro expressed dissatisfaction as the sword made a deeper cut than he wanted, because “a sword cuts only when its owner wants it”. . Likewise, after receiving the Thu Water bar, Zoro used it to fight Oars. Although the attack created by the Thu Thuy bar is larger and stronger than the Yubashiri that Zoro had lost earlier, but Zoro thinks it is a sign that he is not yet mastering Thu Thuy. Because if he mastered, he would be able to control the power of his attacks as desired. This proves that any new sword Zoro needs to spend some time fighting to master it and so does the Enma.

We don’t know to what extent Zoro’s combat abilities have changed after switching swords. Although Enma seems to suit Zoro’s personality and style very well, Thu Thuy even surpasses Enma because Thu Thuy is a Black Sword, and Zoro has completely mastered it. Therefore, the current Zoro is probably much weaker than the Zoro while holding the Thu Thuy stick. Enma currently only has the only advantage that Zoro has not fully reached its full potential. And if Zoro succeeds in transforming Enma into a Black Sword like Thu Thuy, then Zoro can be stronger than himself.

One Piece Did you know that Zoro in Enma s hand is weaker than Zoro himself when holding the Thu Thuy stick | GameK

When I use it, I will be much stronger, right?

As Zoro uses Enma more in his battles, I hope he will adapt better to it and then Zoro’s combat ability will increase. Once Zoro has fully mastered Enma, Zoro will definitely become significantly stronger.

For Zoro, acquiring Enma is not the same as acquiring a new Devil Fruit, or like Luffy gaining a new battle state, but rather an exchange. Zoro has lost a powerful and mastered ability, in exchange for another ability with greater potential, but it takes time to practice. Even though he spent at least a week of training with Enma, chapter 1001 confirmed that that was not enough for Zoro to fully adapt to Enma in combat.

Compared to Luffy’s training with Haki, we can easily see that Luffy has completely mastered this new type of skill. After attacking Kaido, Luffy’s Haki combo was able to damage Kaido. As for Zoro, he expressed dissatisfaction with his current state after that attack. It was a detail that Oda created to show that Zoro still has not fully controlled his new sword, or in other words, Zoro has yet to reach his maximum state while using the Enma he desires.

One Piece Did you know that Zoro in Enma s hand is weaker than Zoro himself when holding the Thu Thuy stick | GameK

Enma is a sword with very strong potential. Unlike Thu Thuy, a sword with heavy and deep properties that produces attacks with better physical power, Enma is a bloodthirsty sword, capable of enhancing the master’s Haki if the owner. that can control it. Therefore, the moment when Zoro can master Enma in this fight, it will definitely be the decisive moment of the victory or defeat of the whole war. And of course, all Zoro lovers will be looking forward to that moment.

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