One Piece chapter 991: Is the Fire Fox Kinemon the real dragon of Kaido?

The latest images of One Piece Chapter 991 shows that in order to save Jack Han from death, Kaido began to act. This Yonko in Dragon form used his Boro Breath attack to shoot at Oden’s gods with a very confident attitude. Kaido assumed that the Nine Hong Bao would not dodge those flamethrowers. However, Kaido was taken aback when Kinemon used his fire slash technique to easily double his Boro Breath attack. Even Kaido’s dragon mouth was hit by that move.

Kaido was taken aback by Kinemon’s flaming fire slash his Boro Breath attacks with ease.

As we all know, Kaido’s Boro Breath attack is very powerful and destructive. We must still remember this battle between the Yonko and Oden. After this war ended, the flames from the attack Kaido created remained burning for 5 days 5 nights. Saying that to show us that in Dragon form Kaido’s Boro Breath is truly powerful.

Up to the present moment, the power of Kaido in Dragon form, he relies heavily on the Boro Breath fireballs he spewed out. Because of this, it can be said that Kinemon’s ability to cast all types of fire is the star of the Dragon Kaido?

One Piece chapter 991 Is the Fire Fox Kinemon the real dragon of Kaido | Manga/Film

Kinemon has the ability to cut off all fire attacks

If this happens, then indeed Kaido will have to have certain calculations in the war with the Nine Hong Bao. While Kinemon was still present, Kaido could not use his fire attacks to intimidate or make it difficult for the Nine Hong Bao group.

Is it true that in the coming chapters, Kaido will transform into a human form, a state where Kaido once defeated Luffy with just one “Lightning Strike”. With his physical strength and mastery of haki, Kinemon or Nine Hong Bao will have many difficulties before Kaido.

However, Kaido once declared to the alliance that he would prove his power known as “the world’s most powerful creature”. Kaido chose the Dragon form to fight, so the question is whether Boro Breath is the only move Kaido can use in his Dragon state. Does this Yonko have other moves that also help him attack his opponent and will Kinemon have the strength to cast all kinds of fire as this Old Hong Bao said?

One Piece chapter 991 Is the Fire Fox Kinemon the real dragon of Kaido | Manga/Film

Will Boro Breath be Kaido’s only move in dragon form

It is not known in the coming chapters that Kaido will continue to use the form of Dragon he already owns. However, up to now, Kinemon is the star of the Dragon-form Kaido. I think that Kinemon used Kaido’s Boro Breath attack with a fire slash to double Kaido’s Boro Breath attack, which was a reasonable detail, which was originally hinted by Oda from the Punk Hazard arc. As a leader of the Nine Hong Bao group, Kinemon with his performance in One Piece chapter 991 somewhat deserves his position.

One Piece chapter 991 Is the Fire Fox Kinemon the real dragon of Kaido | Manga/Film

Kinemon is the star of Kaido Dragon form?

Above is the article with the author’s personal opinion of the article, what do you think about it Kinemon is the counterpart of the Dragon Kaido with the ability to neutralize all fire attacks? Please leave your comments by commenting in the lower part of the article!

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